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We supply to over 100 countries and regions and have set up offices around the world to ensure prompt delivery of products and services.

  • Since 2003
    Since 2003, ZOZEN entered the South East Asia market and set up offices in the Philippines, Indonesia, Pakistan, Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia.
  • - 2007 -
    In 2007, ZOZEN entered the US market and became certified by ASME.
  • - 2011 -
    In 2011, ZOZEN entered the Russian market and obtained GOST certification.
  • - 2012 -
    In 2012, ZOZEN achieved CE/PED certification in Europe.
  • - 2016 -
    In 2016, ZOZEN entered the Australian market and achieved AS certification.
  • - 2019 -
    In 2019, the global brand influence of ZOZEN continues to increase,ZOZEN further explores the depth and breadth of overseas markets.
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Tel: 0086-510-68530066Email: info@zozen.com
Customer cases
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  • Textile Industry 4-ton Biomass-fired Steam Boiler Project

    I. Project Background: The customer company is a professional manufacturer of textile products. ZOZEN Boiler has designed a set of biomass steam boiler according to the manufacturing process of the customer to supply steam and heat for its production line.   II. Solutions: ZOZEN Boiler provides the DZL series biomass steam boiler. The boiler is suitable for various kinds of fuels, such as biomass particles , rice husk, wood chips, corn cob, etc. Also, the designer will select appropriat...

  • Paper Packaging Industry 6-Ton Gas-fired Steam Boiler Project

    Taizhou Chunqiu Packaging Co., Ltd. has several production lines of corrugated paper products. In order to meet the growing production scale, the customer ordered a set of energy-saving and environment-friendly boiler from ZOZEN Boiler.