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We supply to over 100 countries and regions and have set up offices around the world to ensure prompt delivery of products and services.

  • Since 2003
    Since 2003, ZOZEN entered the South East Asia market and set up offices in the Philippines, Indonesia, Pakistan, Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia.
  • - 2007 -
    In 2007, ZOZEN entered the US market and became certified by ASME.
  • - 2011 -
    In 2011, ZOZEN entered the Russian market and obtained GOST certification.
  • - 2012 -
    In 2012, ZOZEN achieved CE/PED certification in Europe.
  • - 2016 -
    In 2016, ZOZEN entered the Australian market and achieved AS certification.
  • - 2019 -
    In 2019, the global brand influence of ZOZEN continues to increase,ZOZEN further explores the depth and breadth of overseas markets.
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  • 4tph WNS series gas-fired and oil-fired three-pass condensing steam boiler project for the printing and packaging industry

    Wuxi Guotai Color Printing Co., Ltd., established in 1958, mainly engages in the production and sales of printing and flexible plastic packaging products. At present, the company is committed to developing and producing the flexible plastic packaging products in the agrochemical field with several compound production lines for printing, which can meet the demands for protective packaging in the agrochemical, daily use chemical, food, medicine and other fields. In order to further improve the production capacity and achieve higher economic benefits, Wuxi Guotai Color Printing Co., Ltd. ordered a set of WNS series gas-fired and oil-fired three-pass condensing steam boiler from ZOZEN Boiler. This type of boiler has the characteristics of sufficient output, high thermal efficiency and small occupied area to help the enterprise save a lot of fuel costs and basic construction costs.

  • 2tph DZL series coal-fired chain grate steam boiler project for the food industry in Mongolia

    In the food industry, disinfection and sterilization processes before the concentration and canning of juice need the high-quality steam generated by the industrial boiler. Vitsamo Fruit Juice LLC is a large-scale juice producer and supplier in Mongolia. With the continuous expansion of production scale, the original coal-fired boiler could not meet the company's production demand any more and boiler operation problems frequently appeared in use. Therefore, Vitsamo Fruit Juice LLC decided to introduce a set of new coal-fired boiler with high quality and stable operation. After a large amount of information collection, Vitsamo Fruit Juice LLC found ZOZEN Boiler, a professional industrial boiler manufacturer in China, on the Internet and the two parties finally reached a successful cooperation.