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Comprehensive service system, ZOZEN establishes a new industry standard for professional services.
From boiler system design to post-sales support, our comprehensive, round-the-clock, end-to-end service system provides our clients with complete support for their business needs.

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  • "Skid-mounted low-nitrogen boiler" refers to an installation method and feature that combines the concepts of "skid-mounted" and "low-nitrogen boiler." "Skid-mounted" means that the boiler is assembled on a unified structure (referred to as a skid or base) for ease of transportation and installation. Such boilers are typically assembled and tested in the factory, and then transported as a whole to the installation site. Skid bases usually have a robust structure and stability to ensure the boil...
    19 Apr 2024
  • The specifications of a skid-mounted boiler are an important basis for selecting the appropriate boiler. This article will introduce the content and determination methods of skid-mounted boiler specifications, as well as their significance in industrial applications, to help you determine the suitable skid-mounted boiler specifications based on your needs. The specifications of a skid-mounted boiler involve multiple key elements, including but not limited to the following information: 1.Output...
    19 Apr 2024
  • ZOZEN Boiler is pleased to announce the launch of its new product, the skid-mounted boiler, which brings new options to the skid-mounted boiler market. The demand for skid-mounted boilers is growing rapidly, and we are at the forefront of this potential opportunity. Product Highlights of ZOZEN Skid-Mounted Boiler:The introduction of ZOZEN skid-mounted boilers to the market is exciting news that meets the increasing demand. ZOZEN skid-mounted boilers stand out with their unique features and tech...
    19 Apr 2024

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  • Growing Demand for Coal-fired Boilers: ZOZEN Boiler Explores Indonesian Pulp and Paper Industry
    According to data from the Economic and Commercial Office of the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia, the pulp and paper industry in Indonesia is showing a promising development trend. In 2021, the export volume of the pulp and paper industry reached $7.5 billion, accounting for 6.22% of non-oil and gas exports and 3.84% of the domestic gross domestic product (GDP) of the non-oil and gas processing industry. In this thriving industry, ZOZEN Boiler, with its various coal-fired boiler models, has...
    23 Apr 2024
  • ZOZEN Quality Miles Journey in the First Quarter of 2024
    Modern manufacturing has surpassed the traditional concept of production and processing by incorporating services as an indispensable component. As a well-established industrial boiler manufacturer, ZOZEN Boiler has been implementing its after-sales service plan, the "Quality Miles Journey," since 2018. This initiative comprehensively assesses aspects such as service attitude of engineers, equipment quality, automation level, safety performance, and appearance, aiming to provide users with safe ...
    16 Apr 2024
  • ZOZEN Boiler Forges a New Epoch of Green Energy Transition for Textile Industry
    Located in the Yangtze River Economic Belt, Jiangsu Province, with its 13 district-level cities all ranking among the top in China, has always been a manufacturing behemoth dedicated to the resource-efficient and environmentally friendly transformation of its economy, striving for comprehensive progress in both its economic and social fabric.   A Jiangsu-based Enterprise—ZOZEN Boiler   As a traditional cornerstone and vital sector for livelihoods within the province, the te...
    09 Apr 2024

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Understanding your needs

First, you can communicate with our professional boiler consultant through email, telephone or online chat.

Here are some questions we need to know from you,eg:
1. What are your available fuel and energy saving requirements?
2. What is the emissions standard in your city?
3. What is your expected capacity of your boiler?

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energy saving and reliable boiler system solutions.

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We will regularly communicate with you to know about operating condition of your boiler,and provide guidance according to your requirements. If you have other demands, we will help you immediately.