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Comprehensive service system, ZOZEN establishes a new industry standard for professional services.
From boiler system design to post-sales support, our comprehensive, round-the-clock, end-to-end service system provides our clients with complete support for their business needs.

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  • The position of secondary air in a circulating fluidized bed (CFB) boiler plays a crucial role in ensuring proper combustion, reducing emissions, and optimizing fuel efficiency. Determining the appropriate position for secondary air injection requires understanding the fundamental principles of fluidized bed combustion and addressing specific requirements based on the design and operation of the particular boiler. Here's a guideline on how to determine the secondary air position: ZOZEN circul...
    29 Sep 2023
  • Furnace drying, often also called "oven drying" or "boiler drying-out", is an essential step when commissioning a new circulating fluidized bed (CFB) boiler or after any maintenance that might have introduced moisture into the system. The purpose is to remove moisture, ensure the refractory and insulation materials are dry, and prepare the system for safe ignition and operation.   Here are the general steps involved in furnace drying for a circulating fluidized bed boiler: Inspection: Be...
    22 Sep 2023
  • The relationship between a boiler's flue gas volume and temperature is a complex interplay of various factors that depend on the boiler's design, type of fuel used, combustion efficiency, and operational settings. However, some general principles can help elucidate the relationship:   Combustion Efficiency: In an ideal combustion scenario, all the fuel would burn completely, generating water vapor and carbon dioxide primarily. However, real-world combustion is rarely perfect. Incomplete c...
    22 Sep 2023

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  • ZOZEN Boiler Powers Global Feed Production: Elevating Both Efficiency and Quality
    The pace of globalization is rapid, and parallelly, the feed industry is blossoming. Companies are no longer just focused on meeting vast domestic needs but are extending their reach globally. In this expansive backdrop, technological demands in feed production are surging. Central to these changes is the increasing significance of industrial boilers.   ZOZEN provides boiler solutions for global feed industry   How ZOZEN Boiler Solutions are Revolutionizing the Feed Industry In ...
    26 Sep 2023
  • ZOZEN Eco-Friendly Boilers Echo Asian Games' Green Ethos
    The much-anticipated Hangzhou Asian Games, a premier international multi-sport event in Asia, will run from September 23 to October 8, 2023. One of the highlights of the Games' infrastructure is its emphasis on intelligent design. Leading the charge among industrial boiler manufacturers, ZOZEN Boiler seamlessly integrates energy efficiency into its product design and manufacturing, mirroring the Asian Games' green and smart hosting philosophy.   Established in 1988, Wuxi ZOZEN Boiler Co.,...
    21 Sep 2023
  • ZOZEN Boiler Partners with China IPPR to Bring Advanced Heating to Uzbekistan
    ZOZEN Boiler, a renowned boiler manufacturer from China, has a rich legacy of providing top-tier boiler solutions for diverse industrial ventures. The company has recently joined hands with China IPPR International Engineering Co., Ltd. to pioneer cutting-edge heating technology in Uzbekistan.   ZOZEN assists the heating project in Uzbekistan   Project Spotlight: ZOZEN Boiler Fuels China IPPR's Ambitions in Uzbekistan Overview:At the heart of this heating initiative lies a pivot...
    12 Sep 2023

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First, you can communicate with our professional boiler consultant through email, telephone or online chat.

Here are some questions we need to know from you,eg:
1. What are your available fuel and energy saving requirements?
2. What is the emissions standard in your city?
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