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Boiler for the wine industry Wine industry

Through the analysis of the brewing industry, ZOZEN provides the best wine heating boilers solution for the fermentation industry, with better energy saving and emission reduction and better fuel adaptability.



Fermentation and distillation are the two major uses of wine heating boilers. In the wine making process, fermentation is to ferment a mixture of yeast and grain to produce alcohol; distillation requires the use of a distiller, a condenser, etc. to extract the alcohol in the grain. These processes require a large amount of steam, so steam wine heating boilers are inevitably used. The stability and quality of steam produced by the boiler play a decisive role in the purity and yield of the wine. Some wineries use coal-fired steam boilers with lower fuel costs as their first choice. With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, some places restrict the use of small coal stoves, and gas and biomass wine heating boilers are favored by wineries because of their low cost and low pollution.


Boiler for the wine industry
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