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The Application of Thermal Oil Heater in Wood Industry


Introduction to the wood industry

Wood processing refers to the processing using wood as raw material, mainly by mechanical or chemical methods, and its products still keep the basic characteristics of wood. Wood industry plays an important role in the national economy because of its low energy consumption, less pollution and renewable resources. Products have developed from the primary processed products of logs to the reprocessed products of timber, such as building components, furniture, vehicles, ships, stationery, packaging containers and other wood products, and even the reprocessed products of wood, that is, various wood-based panels, glulam, etc., thus making the wood industry form an independent industrial system.

The application of thermal oil heater in wood industry

Thermal oil (heat transfer fluid), as a heat transfer medium, has been used in industrial heat exchange applications for many years. Thermal oil heaters are more widely used in wood processing industry. The thermal oil heater heats the equipment in wood processing industry, such as wood drying equipment, drying equipment, coating equipment, gluing machine, etc. Wood processing enterprises will pay attention to the heat transfer efficiency, safety and other aspects of the boiler when selecting the thermal oil heater.


Oil/gas thermal oil heater

ZOZEN oil/gas thermal oil heater can realize accurate temperature control with high heat utilization rate. The thermal oil heater adopts packaged delivery, with short installation period and easy maintenance operation.

Model: YQW Series/ YQL Series
Capacity: 1400-29000KW
Working Pressure: 0.8-1MPa
Applicable Fuel: Natural gas, biogas, heavy oil, light oil, diesel etc.
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    YQW series thermal oil heater

    Thermal efficiency up to 95%, stable heating, advanced combustion technology and burner.


    YQL series thermal oil heater

    Advanced burner, automatic control system and outstanding safety performance.

    Coal/biomass thermal oil heater

    According to the actual working conditions of customers, ZOZEN can customize suitable energy-saving and environmental protection devices, such as economizer, air preheater, dust removal, desulfurization and denitrification devices.

    Model: YLW series
    Capacity: 1400-29000KW
    Working Pressure: 0.8-1MPa
    Fuels: Bituminous coal, anthracite, biomass fuels
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    YLW series thermal oil heater

    The boiler system can adopt different grates to adapt to different kinds of fuels. Fully automatic intelligent control system, the boiler parameters can be adjusted according to the specific operating environment of users.

    ZOZEN Boiler projects in wood industry

    • 中正锅炉

      Russia 7MW YLW Biomass-Fired Thermal Oil Heater for Wood Industry

      • Capacity: 7MW
        Location: Russia
      • Model: YLW-7000M
        Industry: Wood industry
    • 中正锅炉

      Finland 7 Million Kcal Gas-fired Thermal Oil Heater

      • Capacity: 7 Million Kcal
        Location: Finland
      • Model: YY(Q)W-8200Q
        Industry: Paper industry

    Awards & honors

    ZOZEN is an AQSIQ approved boiler and pressure vessel manufacturer. We hold the ASME "S" and "U"
    Certificates and have earned ISO9001:2000 Certification.


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