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ZOZEN launches more high-efficiency and eco-friendly DZL series tri-drum biomass-fired boiler

Through scientifically arranging the furnace arch, furnace wall, furnace heating surface and secondary air, the second generation of ZOZEN biomass-fired boilers have solved the common problems of traditional biomass-fired boilers. In order to further solve the ash accumulation problem in the convention area of the second generation of ZOZEN biomass-fired boilers with double drums, ZOZEN has cooperated with the Department of Thermal Engineering of Shanghai Jiaotong University to jointly develop the DZL series tri-drum biomass-fired boiler.

The parameters of ZOZEN DZL series tri-drum biomass-fired boiler

DZL series tri-drum biomass-fired boiler

Capacity: 6-35 tph
Working pressure: 1-2.5 Mpa
Working temperature: 184-350 ℃
Thermal efficiency: Above 88%
Applicable fuel: biomass pellets, wood chips, corn cobs, saw dust
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    The advantages of ZOZEN DZL series tri-drum biomass-fired boiler

    Wide fuel adaptability, high thermal efficiency
    • According to different biomass fuel characteristics, the boiler can be equipped with different grates to ensure the sufficient combustion of biomass fuels.
    • The furnace height is increased by 1-3 meters, which can solve the coking problem of furnace wall and meet the combustion requirements for raw biomass materials.
    • The dead angle of the flue gas scouring the heating surface is small, so it is not easy to form a vortex, thus the heating surface has higher heat transfer efficiency.
    Good environmental protection performance
    • The boiler has the flue gas denitrification system with ammonia-gas spraying device, so the NOx emission is less than 200mg/m³.
    • No need to stop the boiler to clean the dust because there is less dust accumulation on the heating surface, which can make the boiler operate normally for a longer time.
    • The dust produced by burning biomass fuel is easily discharged into the ash hopper, which reduces the burden of dust collector and is more eco-friendly under the same conditions.
    Less ash accumulation

    • The flue gas enters the convention area from furnace outlet, and the dust in the flue gas directly falls into the ash hopper at the bottom of convention area. Through the rotary dust discharge valve and tube, the accumulated ash is discharged onto the grate to realize the real-time dust removal, which solves the ash accumulation problem in the convention area of biomass-fired boiler from the perspective of structure.

    The case collection of ZOZEN DZL series tri-drum biomass-fired boiler
    15tph DZL series biomass-fired steam boiler project for textile industry

    It was learned that ZOZEN had a good reputation in the textile industry, which strengthened our determination to cooperate with ZOZEN.
    15 tph DZL series tri-drum biomass-fired steam boiler project for the textile industry

    We were very satisfied with the customized boiler services provided by ZOZEN Boiler. After the contract was signed, ZOZEN appointed the professional
    15 tph DZW series tri-drum biomass-fired steam boiler project for the palm oil plant in Sri Lanka

    In order to save costs and protect the environment, we had always hoped to use the waste palm fiber as boiler fuel, but we had not found the suitable boiler equipment.

    ZOZEN has always been committed to optimizing and
    upgrading the industrial boilers
    Good enterprise qualification
    ZOZEN holds the the A-grade boiler manufacture license, ASME "S" and "U" certificates with steel seals, and also obtains the CE, EAC and IBR certification.
    Strong R&D capacity

    ZOZEN has a professional R&D team and closely cooperates with Shanghai Jiaotong University to customize the boiler system solutions according to customer demands and local conditions.
    Advanced manufacturing technology
    ZOZEN sets the standards of digital blanking, automatic welding and molded assembly and realizes the specialized and large-scale production of boiler's major components.
    Strict quality management

    ZOZEN sets 7 hold points from boiler production to shipment under the supervision of different responsible inspectors to ensure the product quality in the manufacturing process.