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ZOZEN Obtains the DOSH Certification in Malaysia to Further Expand the International Market

Malaysia: A Rising Country with Economic Diversification

With the economy grew fast in the 1990s, Malaysia, located in Southeast Asia, has become one of the "Four Tigers" of Asia and a diversified newly-industrialized country in Asia and world's emerging market economy. Malaysia's production and export volumes of rubber and palm oil have ranked high in the world. The local government encourages the processing industry based on the nation's raw materials in the fields of energy, automobile, steel, textile, manufacturing, electronics, high-tech industry. With a diversified industrial structure, Malaysia has become a very important part of the economic development of ASEAN.

ZOZEN Obtains the DOSH Certification in Malaysia by Virtue of High Boiler Quality

The DOSH (Department of Occupational Safety and Health) certification is a mandatory certification recognized by the local government. All the pressure-bearing equipment manufactured or exported for use in Malaysia must be certified for the design, manufacture and inspection processes by the authorized third-party inspection body. In addition to the individual strength testing and certification, there are other testing items such as size, appearance, paint, mark, hydrostatic pressure, welding technology, non-destructive detection. ZOZEN obtains the DOSH certification and enters the industrial boiler market in Malaysia.

Biomass-fired Chain Grate Boilers

ZOZEN's biomass-fired chain grate boilers have wide fuel adaptability. The boiler structure is reasonably designed according to different fuel characteristics to ensure the stable operation, high efficiency and energy saving performance of boiler. At the same time, ZOZEN takes the lead to solve the problems of conventional biomass-fired boilers, such as fuel ash accumulation, coking, abrasion, burning the front arch, burning the hopper, etc.

Capacity: 2-35 tph
Working pressure: 1-2.5 Mpa
Thermal efficiency: Above 88%
Recommended boilers: DZL series/SZL series
Applicable fuel: Biomass pellets, chips, corncobs, saw dust, palm shells, coconut shells, etc.
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    DZL series biomass-fired steam boiler

    The DZL series packaged biomass-fired boiler is horizontal three-pass water-fire tube chain grate boiler. Its boiler proper is single drum with longitudinal layout. The threaded smoke tubes in the drum form the convective heating surface while the drum and water-cooled walls of both sides form the furnace radiant heating surface.


    SZL series biomass-fired steam boiler

    The SZL series double-drum longitudinal chain grate water tube steam boiler adopts packaged or pre-assembled structures. The 4-6 tph boiler is packaged water tube structure, which leaves the factory after being fully assembled. The 6-35 tph boiler consists of two parts. The upper part is the body heating surface while the lower part is the combustion equipment.

    Gas-fired/Oil-fired Steam Boilers

    ZOZEN's gas-fired/oil-fired steam boilers adopt large-volume furnace design which can ensure the sufficient fuel combustion and high combustion efficiency. They have sufficient steam storage space and heating surface to generate high-quality steam with high efficiency. Meanwhile, they also have excellent effect on energy saving and environmental protection and can easily realize the ultra-low emission of NOx.

    Capacity: 1-110 tph
    Working pressure: 0.7-5.3 Mpa
    Thermal efficiency: Above 98%
    Recommended boilers: WNS series/SZS series
    Applicable fuel: Natural gas, biogas, blast furnace gas, coke oven gas, methyl alcohol, carbon black tail gas, diesel, etc.
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  • 中正锅炉

    WNS series gas-fired steam boiler

    The WNS series horizontal internal combustion wetback gas-fired boiler has two forms that are two-pass and three-pass according to the flue gas trips. ZOZEN Boiler adopts nationally advanced corrugated furnace and independently developed threaded smoke tube to effectively improve boiler's overall thermal efficiency.


    SZS series gas-fired saturated steam boiler

    The SZS series boiler is double-drum, longitudinal, chamber combustion and D-type layout. The right side is furnace and the left side is convention tube bundles. The combustion chamber adopts narrow-spaced tubular membrane walls with good air impermeability to reduce heat loss and improve boiler's overall thermal efficiency to over 98%.

    ZOZEN Strives to Become An International Industrial Boiler Manufacturer
    High Product Quality

    ZOZEN Boiler adopts fully automatic production lines to ensure the boiler processing quality and comprehensive quality inspection to ensure the boiler quality. ZOZEN has successfully passed the DOSH certification.

    Customized Boiler System

    ZOZEN Boiler can provide scientific and reasonable boiler room layout service for overseas customers remotely. It also can customize the boiler system for enterprises to greatly reduce the operating and maintenance costs and improve the economic benefits.

    Complete and Comprehensive Service System

    ZOZEN Boiler has established service centers in many countries and regions in the world to guarantee the benefits of users and provide qualified services including project technical consultation, installation guidance and so on for local customers.

    ZOZEN Wins A Good Reputation among Customers in Malaysia

    4tph DZL series packaged biomass-fired steam boiler project of Happy Alliance (M) SdnBhd in Malaysia
    Location: Malaysia
    Capacity: 4 tph
    Project boiler medium:Steam