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6-Ton and 8-Ton Gas Steam Boilers Project in Pharmaceutical Industry

Gas-fired boilers cases
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  • Capacity

    6 tph and 8 tph

  • Location

    Tianjin, China

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6-Ton and 8-Ton Gas Steam Boilers Project in Pharmaceutical Industry
Case introduction

Ringpu, founded in 1988, has 12 holding subsidiaries and 3 research institutions, one of which is Ringpu (Tianjin) Biopharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Ringpu Tianjin has four inactivated vaccine production lines and has ordered multiple WNS gas steam boilers from ZOZEN Boiler to meet production needs.


In the production process of killed vaccines, steam boilers are usually used to provide steam. Specifically, the steam boiler heats water to a high temperature to produce high-pressure steam, which is then transported to various steps in the inactivated vaccine production line, including sterilization, inactivation, and formulation. During these processes, steam can provide necessary heat and sterilization to ensure the quality and safety of vaccines. Therefore, steam boilers are one of the essential equipment in the production of inactivated vaccine.


WNS steam boilers have advantages such as high efficiency, energy conservation, safety and reliability, stable operation, environmental protection, and strong adaptability in the production of inactivated vaccine.

Customer feedback—— Ringpu (Tianjin) Biopharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

We are very satisfied with the performance and quality of the WNS steam boiler. The equipment has a very high heating efficiency, providing us with sufficient high-temperature steam to meet the temperature and pressure requirements during the preparation process. In addition, the automatic control system of the WNS steam boiler is very sensitive, allowing for precise control and adjustment of the equipment, ensuring stable operation and consistent quality of production.

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