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SZS series gas-fired (oil-fired) steam boiler

Product thermal capacity: 20-110 t/h
Working pressure: 1.25-5.3 Mpa
Outlet temperature: 194-540 °C
Available fuel: Natural gas, coke oven gas, blast furnace gas, carbon black off-gas, biogas, LPG, diesel, heavy oil, light oil, crude oil, etc.
Available industries: Heat supplying, chemical, food, textile, printing and dyeing, cigarettes and tobacco, fodder, pharmacy, building materials, brewery, rubber, hospital etc

SZS series boiler is designed with longitudinal double drums and " D " type chamber structure. Furnace is placed on the right and convection tube bank is on the left, super heater is arranged at convection tube bank. The body is fixed on the basement by middle and both end flexible supports and make the boiler expand horizontally sideways. Around the furnace is membrane water cooling tube wall. Furnace and tube bank are totally separated by the membrane water tube cooling wall at the left side of the furnace. The back part of bundle is sparse shift structure, front part is aligned structure. Smoke from furnace outlet enters re-burning chamber, convection tube bank area and then from left front part enters spiral fine coil economizer and condenser, and finally is discharged to atmosphere through chimney.

Technical advantages
  • Boiler body uses the forced circulation in the high temperature area to make sure all heating areas can be cooled down and avoid vaporization; The explosion door and flame detector are equipped for safe and reliable operation. Comb plates are used between both sides of boiler and tube bundle to avoid leakage of condensate and gas caused by using refractory concrete as sealing material. Air proof test is done before delivery in the factory to guarantee any gas leakage problem.

Environmental protection
  • Big combustion chamber equipped with Low emission combustion burner effectively reduce the NOx to 30mg/m3. Smoke duct and smoke outlet use internal insulation to reduce operating noise.

  • Combustion chamber uses full membrane water cooling wall structure and pressurized combustion without smoke mixture. 

Energy conservation
  • Good quality alumina silicate fiber and fire clay insulation material are used and the boiler body temperature is controlled below 45℃ and greatly heat loss is  reduced. Combustion chamber is designed with narrow distance tube membrane water cooling wall which has good air proof to reduce heat lost and increase boiler thermal efficiency. Internal inspection holes uses high-alumina refractory and manhole cover seal devices, solving superheat problem in this part caused by using refractory bricks.

  • Manholes are placed on the front and back side of drums and inspection doors on back side of boiler easy to open for inspection and clean inner and outer parts.

longer lifespan
  • Membrane structure are used in the front and back wall for boiler body and highly increased their lifespan to over 20 years.

  • The key processes including material cutting, rolling, drilling are done by advanced CNC machining process to reduce the assembly stress and extend boiler service lifetime.

  • Flutter prevention fastener is used for high temperature part convection tubes, which avoid convection tube cracking problem.

  • Longitudinal and girth joint adopt advanced automatic submerged-arc welding for good welding quality. All longitudinal and girth joint will be tested by radiographic inspection.

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Zozen Boioer Co., Ltd. is one of the most powerful industrial boiler manufacturing enterprise in ChinaSZS series gas fired steam boiler is low emissions,thermal efficiency is over 98% and fully automatica safe operationThe structure of SZS series gas fired steam boilerThe advantage of SZS series gas fired steam boilerZozen Boiler is largest industrial boiler manufacturer, annual production scale exceeds 2000 sets of boilersZozen Boiler has the most automatical industrial boiler production line in China and a strict quality management system to ensure the qualityThe unique customized steam system solution of Zozen Boiler enables customers to achieve the maximum energy saving and lowest emission


Model Rated evaporation(t/h) Rated working pressure(MPa) Rated steam temperature(℃) Thermal efficiency(%) Maximum transport size(m)
SZS20-1.25-Q.Y 20 1.25 194 >98 8.9×3.9×4.0
SZS20-1.6-Q.Y 20 1.6 204 >98 8.9×3.9×4.0
SZS20-2.5-Q.Y 20 2.5 225 >98 8.9×3.9×4.0
SZS25-1.25-Q.Y 25 1.25 194 >98 10.5×4.2×4.2
SZS25-1.6-Q.Y 25 1.6 204 >98 10.5×4.2×4.2
SZS25-2.5-Q.Y 25 2.5 225 >98 10.5×4.2×4.2
SZS30-1.25-Q.Y 30 1.25 194 >98 10.5×4.3×4.3
SZS30-1.6-Q.Y 30 1.6 204 >98 10.5×4.3×4.3
SZS30-2.5-Q.Y 30 2.5 225 >98 10.5×4.3×4.3
SZS35-1.25-Q.Y 35 1.25 194 >98 11.3×4.3×4.3
SZS35-1.6-Q.Y 35 1.6 204 >98 11.3×4.3×4.3
SZS35-2.5-Q.Y 35 2.5 225 >98 11.3×4.3×4.3
SZS40-1.25-Q.Y 40 1.25 194 >98 12.4×4.4×4.6
SZS40-1.6-Q.Y 40 1.6 204 >98 12.4×4.4×4.6
SZS40-2.5-Q.Y 40 2.5 225 >98 12.4×4.4×4.6
SZS50-1.25-Q.Y 50 1.25 194 >98 15.6×4.4×4.6
SZS50-1.6-Q.Y 50 1.6 204 >98 15.6×4.4×4.6
SZS50-2.5-Q.Y 50 2.5 225 >98 15.6×4.4×4.6
SZS65-1.25-Q.Y 65 1.25 194 >98 11.5×1.5×1.8
SZS65-1.6-Q.Y 65 1.6 204 >98 11.5×1.5×1.8
SZS65-2.5-Q.Y 65 2.5 225 >98 11.5×1.5×1.8
SZS75-1.25-Q.Y  75 1.25 194 >98 12×1.5×1.8
SZS75-1.6-Q.Y 75 1.6 204 >98 12×1.5×1.8
SZS75-2.5-Q.Y 75 2.5 225 >98 12×1.5×1.8
SZS100-1.25-Q.Y  100 1.25 194 >98 13×1.5×1.8
SZS100-1.6-Q.Y 100 1.6 204 >98 13×1.5×1.8
SZS100-2.5-Q.Y 100 2.5 225 >98 13×1.5×1.8

* The above basic parameter table is for your reference, ZOZEN Boiler can customize the suitable boiler device and system solution based on your actual condition.

* All specifications and descriptions provided herein may be different from the actual specifications and descriptions for the product. ZOZEN Boiler reserves the right to make changes to this document and the product described herein, at anytime, without obligation on ZOZEN Boiler to provide notification of such change.

SZS series gas-fired (oil-fired) steam boiler
SZS series gas-fired (oil-fired) steam boiler
Product Thermal Power:20-110 t/h Working pressure:1.25-5.3 Mpa
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