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water tube boiler 130 tph

Introduction: water tube boiler 130 tph, engineering terminology. water tube boiler 130 tph, refers to the heating level of the boiler, generally expressed as t/h. In international units, MW is often used to measure thermal units, which corresponds to 1 t/h = 0.7 MW = 2.5 GJ/h = 600,000 kcal/h. After the boiler adopts superheater, economizer and air preheater, water tube boiler 130 tph, the exhaust temperature can be reduced to 100~150℃, and the boiler efficiency can reach over 90%. The disadvantage of boiler is that its structure is complicated and its volume is large, so it is not suitable for mobile equipment, water tube boiler 130 tph.

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What is water tube boiler 130 tph

Water tube boiler 130 tph is an industrial boiler with combustion chamber and heating surface outside the drum, which causes water and steam to flow in the tube. The structure is complicated, and the steam-water system mainly includes drum, header, water wall, convection tube rafter, economizer and superheater, etc. Combustion system mainly includes burner, furnace and flue, air preheater, etc. The structures are water tube boiler, straight water tube boiler, bent water tube boiler and so on.


The operation mode of the water tube boiler is just the opposite to that of the fire tube boiler. Water circulates in the boiler tube, and the tube is surrounded by high-temperature flue gas, which heats who is in the water tube to produce steam or hot water.

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What is the advantage of 130 tph water tube boiler

1. The main advantage of water-tube boiler is its large capacity, up to 110t/h, which can withstand higher pressure and temperature.

2. Water-tube boilers produce steam at a high speed, and can produce saturated or overheated steam according to the required application. At the same time, the water-tube boiler can track the load fluctuation more accurately and has better regulation ability.

3. Generally, the drum of water-tube boiler is not directly heated, and the tube containing water vapor is placed in the furnace and flue as the heating surface, so the heat transfer performance and safety performance are significantly improved.

4. Adopt all-membrane wall structure, rationally design the size of upper steam drum and the configuration of steam-water separator, reduce water entrainment of steam and improve steam quality. 

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Disadvantage of water tube boiler 130 tph

1. The design and structure of water-tube boiler is complex and its volume is large, which leads to relatively high manufacturing, construction and maintenance costs.

2. The scale has a considerable impact on the water-tube boiler, causing the water-tube to burst, so the water-tube boiler needs to be equipped with water treatment equipment.

Boiler for the textile industry
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Textile refers to a multi-scale structural processing technique of a fiber or fiber assembly, it includes many steam consuming sections including dyeing, drying, slashing, printing, pressing etc.., all of which needs steam from boilers. With the increase in the demand for textiles, the steam consumption of textile factories is also increasing. Whether building a new textile factory or rebuilding and expanding a textile factory are faced with the problem of boiler selection. Except for steam demanding, textile plants also need higher temperature heat source for printing, dyeing and hot-pressing sections, where thermal oil heaters will be used to heat the thermal oil to above 300°C high temperature, after the thermal oil are used for heat consuming machines, it will come back to boiler for circulating using. So, steam boiler and thermal oil heater combination is commonly used in textile plants, ZOZEN already provided completed solutions for over 50 customers.

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