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  • ZOZEN Boiler to Participate in ITM 2024 International Textile Machinery Exhibition in Turkey
    From June 4th to 8th, 2024, the Tüyap Exhibition and Conference Center in Istanbul, Turkey, will host the annual International Textile Machinery Exhibition (ITM 2024). ZOZEN Boiler will take part in this global textile technology event. Themed "Discovering the Future," the exhibition will gather over 1,200 renowned companies from around the world to showcase their newly developed products, expected to attract thousands of professional buyers. ZOZEN Boiler looks forward to displaying our inn...
    21 May 2024
  • Prioritizing Service and Quality, ZOZEN Boiler Becomes a Reliable Partner of Yili Dairy Group
    Rabobank has released the 'Global Dairy Top 20 for 2023', with Yili Dairy ranking in the top five globally and holding the leading position in Asia for ten consecutive years. Yili Dairy, a powerhouse in the dairy industry, owes its international success to its continuous pursuit of product quality. In the dairy production process, boilers play a crucial role in ensuring stable heat supply.   The Critical Role of Boilers in Dairy Production Lines   ZOZEN Boiler, with over thirty y...
    07 May 2024
  • ZOZEN Gas Boilers Drive Technological Innovation in the Fast Food Industry
    As consumer demand for convenient food that balances speed and quality continues to grow, the fast food industry faces dual challenges of production efficiency and environmental standards. ZOZEN Boiler, a company specializing in high-efficiency industrial boiler solutions, effectively supports this demand through targeted technological innovations and meticulous service, ensuring a balance between productivity and environmental responsibility. ZOZEN Boiler occupies an area of 150,000 square met...
    30 Apr 2024
  • Growing Demand for Coal-fired Boilers: ZOZEN Boiler Explores Indonesian Pulp and Paper Industry
    According to data from the Economic and Commercial Office of the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia, the pulp and paper industry in Indonesia is showing a promising development trend. In 2021, the export volume of the pulp and paper industry reached $7.5 billion, accounting for 6.22% of non-oil and gas exports and 3.84% of the domestic gross domestic product (GDP) of the non-oil and gas processing industry. In this thriving industry, ZOZEN Boiler, with its various coal-fired boiler models, has...
    23 Apr 2024
  • ZOZEN Quality Miles Journey in the First Quarter of 2024
    Modern manufacturing has surpassed the traditional concept of production and processing by incorporating services as an indispensable component. As a well-established industrial boiler manufacturer, ZOZEN Boiler has been implementing its after-sales service plan, the "Quality Miles Journey," since 2018. This initiative comprehensively assesses aspects such as service attitude of engineers, equipment quality, automation level, safety performance, and appearance, aiming to provide users with safe ...
    16 Apr 2024
  • ZOZEN Boiler Forges a New Epoch of Green Energy Transition for Textile Industry
    Located in the Yangtze River Economic Belt, Jiangsu Province, with its 13 district-level cities all ranking among the top in China, has always been a manufacturing behemoth dedicated to the resource-efficient and environmentally friendly transformation of its economy, striving for comprehensive progress in both its economic and social fabric.   A Jiangsu-based Enterprise—ZOZEN Boiler   As a traditional cornerstone and vital sector for livelihoods within the province, the te...
    09 Apr 2024
  • ZOZEN Boiler Successfully Participates in the 2024 Textile Asia International Fair in Pakistan
    From March 1st to 3rd, 2024, the 26th Textile Asia, Pakistan Asia International Textile Exhibition, was successfully held in Karachi. As an important exhibition hosted by the Pakistan Textile Industry Department and supported by several national associations, this year's Textile Asia focused on three core areas: textile fabrics and accessories, textile and garment processing machinery, and chemical dyes, attracting over 300 companies from more than 20 countries. This reflects its important statu...
    06 Mar 2024
  • Embarking Anew! ZOZEN Boiler Proudly Sets Forth to the Pakistan Textile Machinery Exhibition
    We are honored to announce that ZOZEN Boiler will be participating in the 26th Pakistan Textile Machinery Exhibition in 2024. The exhibition is scheduled to take place from March 1st to 3rd at Hall 4 of the Karachi Expo Centre, with ZOZEN Boiler’s booths numbered D125 and D207. This event is a grand occasion in the textile technology and equipment sector, attracting industry pioneers from around the globe.   While actively engaging in both domestic and international industry exchang...
    27 Feb 2024
  • ZOZEN Boiler Successfully Holds 2024 Sales Conference
    Stepping into the Year of the Dragon, ZOZEN Boiler Co., Ltd., based in Wuxi, recently held its 2024 Sales Conference and the 2023 Annual Sales Excellence Awards Ceremony. The event was attended by General Manager Zhang Guoping, heads of various departments, and the entire sales team. The conference reviewed the past year's sales efforts and laid out a detailed plan for 2024, setting a clear direction for growth.   The year 2023 was a pivotal period for economic recovery, presenting both c...
    20 Feb 2024
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