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  • ZOZEN Boiler Powers Global Feed Production: Elevating Both Efficiency and Quality
    The pace of globalization is rapid, and parallelly, the feed industry is blossoming. Companies are no longer just focused on meeting vast domestic needs but are extending their reach globally. In this expansive backdrop, technological demands in feed production are surging. Central to these changes is the increasing significance of industrial boilers.   ZOZEN provides boiler solutions for global feed industry   How ZOZEN Boiler Solutions are Revolutionizing the Feed Industry In ...
    26 Sep 2023
  • ZOZEN Biomass Steam Boiler Empowers the Spanish Food Industry
    In the scenic ancient city of Almendralejo, Spain, a recently activated biomass steam boiler silently radiates the vitality of green energy. Wuxi ZOZEN Boiler Co., Ltd., a company dedicated to industrial boiler manufacturing, has successfully supplied a customized 4-ton biomass steam boiler to a canned food factory in Spain. The successful implementation of this project once again demonstrates ZOZEN Boiler's professional expertise in providing high-quality, efficient steam solutions on a global ...
    25 Jul 2023
  • ZOZEN Gas Boiler with 75% Condensing Recovery for Brewing Industry
    Shandong Huanghelong Group Co., Ltd. has chosen the trusted ZOZEN Boiler as their partner, and both parties have established a friendly and trustworthy relationship. The installation of the SZS series condensing gas boiler, produced by ZOZEN Boiler, has been successfully completed.   The project site of ZOZEN condensing gas boiler   ZOZEN customized the efficient gas boiler system Among the many industrial boiler brands with varying degrees of quality, ZOZEN Boiler stands o...
    02 May 2023
  • ZOZEN in Africa: Oil-Fired Steam Boiler Boosts the Chemical Industry
    Recently, ZOZEN Boiler has once again shone in the African market by providing a high-efficiency WNS series fuel steam boiler to F&G, a fragrance company in Botswana. As a well-known enterprise focused on industrial boiler manufacturing, ZOZEN Boiler's cooperation not only expands its international market, but also injects new vitality into the development of the industry in Africa. ZOZEN’s oil-fired boiler in the F&G fragrance factory in Botswana   ZOZEN’s steam&nb...
    11 Apr 2023
  • Market Analysis of ZOZEN Biomass Thermal Oil Heater
    Under the background of global carbon reduction and energy structure adjustment, biomass energy has been widely promoted as a substitute for petrochemical fuel in boiler industry. The thermal oil heater with biomass as fuel produced by ZOZEN Boiler, an international boiler brand, took the lead in putting into operation in chemical, textile, rubber and other industries.   ZOZEN biomass thermal oil heater   Thermal oil heater is suitable for high-temperature processes such as plast...
    31 Jan 2023
  • ZOZEN Boiler Overseas: Skid-Mounted Steam Boiler in Myanmar Food Factory
    The so-called skid-mounted boiler is to put all the equipment such as boiler body, economizer, burner, valve instrument, electric control cabinet, water treatment, economizer circulating pump and raw water pressurizing pump on one or two skid blocks to form a boiler system that can move as a whole.   Not only all the pipes and valves in each skid have been installed, but also the connecting pipe fittings between skid blocks have been pre-installed in the factory, which saves a lot of cost...
    24 Jan 2023
  • ZOZEN Designs Biomass Boiler Solution Online
    According to statistics, there are a large number of biomass boilers in Jiangsu Province, and the proportion of small boilers below 4t/h is over 80%. The installation rate of desulfurization and denitrification facilities is less than 10%, and the installation rate of online monitoring is low, which has a certain impact on air quality.   ZOZEN gas boiler on site   The biomass boiler is turned into a short board in Jiangsu Province Many enterprises choose biomass boilers because,...
    03 Jan 2023
  • ZOZEN Clean Gas Boiler and Biomass Boiler Applied in Central Heating
    As a large-scale thermal company, Shun 'an Thermal Power is responsible for the heating of more than 90% residents and more than 100 enterprises and institutions in Chengyang District, Qingdao. There are many heat sources and 17 boilers of various types, many of which are ZOZEN WNS series gas boilers.   Since last year, Qingdao put forward a three-year coal-to-gas clean energy heating project, coal-fired boilers built before 2016 and less than 35 tons of steam are being completely transfo...
    22 Dec 2022
  • ZOZEN Skid-Mounted Boilers in Oman and Algeria
    The installation-free skid-mounted boilers were put into operation successfully in the oversea projects of Jereh Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd (Jereh Enviro). The oversea projects of treatment on the oilfield waste are in Oman and Algeria.
    13 Dec 2022
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