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  • ZOZEN Gas Steam Boilers Power Up Potatoes Production for Global Reach
    Potatoes rank as the fourth most significant staple crop globally, grown in 79% of the world's countries. In the Liupanshan region, potatoes have long been a traditional staple, assuming various roles across different historical periods. Today, ZOZEN's SZS series gas steam boilers are pivotal in introducing Liupanshan potatoes to global markets.   Global Expansion with Xuechuan Liupanshan Recognizing the potential in over 300 years of potato farming and an extensive cultivation area of m...
    14 May 2024
  • ZOZEN Boiler Provides Four Customized Boilers for Turkish Textile Giant
    In recent years, the Turkish textile industry has faced multiple challenges, including declining market demand, rising costs, and decreasing international competitiveness. However, the industry giant, RB Kareci Textile Company, has continued to grow and expand its strength, firmly choosing ZOZEN's efficient and reliable boilers to inject core vitality into its new production lines.   The Challenging Turkish Textile Industry   Understanding ZOZEN Truth be told, in the Turkish mar...
    12 Mar 2024
  • Nanning Sanpin Wang Prefers ZOZEN's Dual-Fuel Boilers for Sustainable Green Development
    Founded in 1999, the 25-year-old brand Sanpin Wang, aiming to perfect the taste of a bowl of beef noodles, has always considered quality as paramount. Similarly, ZOZEN Boiler, a well-known industrial boiler manufacturer in the industry, has always pursued excellence. Over thirty years of development, it has won recognition and market acclaim. The collaboration development is evidenced by the 3-ton WNS series gas steam boiler and the 4-ton DZL series biomass steam boiler.   Sanpin Wang F...
    13 Feb 2024
  • Sunda Group Collaborates with ZOZEN Boiler for Detergent Factory in Ghana
    In a significant move to expand into overseas markets such as Africa and South America, Sunda Group has recently established a partnership with ZOZEN Boiler. Winning the bid for the new production line project at the Ghana detergent factory, ZOZEN impressed Sunda Group with its customized biomass boiler system.   Customized Biomass Boiler System by ZOZEN   Over the past two decades, Sunda Group has grown rapidly at a compound growth rate of 30% per year, evolving into a comprehen...
    23 Jan 2024
  • A Paper Mill in Indonesia Applied ZOZEN Coal Chain Grate Steam Boiler
    Semarang's name in Chinese — Sanbaolong — originated from Zheng He's original name, Sanbao, illustrating the city's deep historical connection to the navigator. In Semarang, a city rich with history and the spirit of Sino-Indonesian exchange since the Ming dynasty, a corrugated paper mill stands as a testament to this enduring relationship. As a vital player in Indonesia's paper industry, the mill has chosen ZOZEN's SZL Series Coal-Fired Steam Boiler for its new production line,...
    05 Dec 2023
  • A Paper Mill in Bangladesh Partners with ZOZEN Dual-Energy Boilers
    ZOZEN Boiler has yet again drawn the attention of international clients! This September, a delegation from a burgeoning paper mill in Bangladesh paid a visit to ZOZEN Boiler. Their agenda included the procurement of three ZOZEN 10-ton WNS series gas boilers and a 15-ton biomass boiler. This strategic move was informed by a thorough dialogue with the ZOZEN sales team, who identified occasional instabilities in the natural gas supply in Bangladesh. Opting for this boiler configuration is a step to...
    14 Nov 2023
  • ZOZEN 35T Gas Steam Boiler Boosts Xinjiang Tomato Processing Line
    This September, Xinjiang was a tapestry of vivid colors, with tomatoes shining especially bright. ZOZEN Boiler's reputable products have yet again played a pivotal role this tomato season. Xinjiang Hongguoguo Tomato Products Co., Ltd. adopted ZOZEN's 35-ton SZS series gas steam boiler, offering a robust and efficient energy solution for their newly inaugurated tomato processing line. This upgrade fortifies their production capacity and strengthens their foothold in the competitive tomato sauce m...
    31 Oct 2023
  • ZOZEN Boiler Offers Specialized Training to Baixiang Food
    Wuxi, China – ZOZEN Boiler, known for its personalized and comprehensive service offerings, has taken a step further in its commitment to customer support. The company's After-Sales Service Department recently conducted specialized training for boiler operators at Baixiang Food Co., Ltd., aiming to enhance the efficient operation of their gas steam boiler systems.   ZOZEN provides training service for Baixiang Food   A Partnership Rooted in Quality and Service Baixian...
    05 Sep 2023
  • ZOZEN Boiler and Inikin Strengthen Partnership Through Integrated Technology and Service
    ZOZEN Boiler has teamed up with Inikin to supply the gas-fired steam boiler for their mineral water beverage production facility, ensuring its long-term stable operation. The ZOZEN Boiler team recently conducted an on-site visit to the Inikin production base for a progress review.   ZOZEN Boiler Forms Partnership with Yili's Mineral Water Brand   During the process of mineral water production, steam boilers play an essential role as core equipment. They supply high-temperature st...
    29 Aug 2023
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