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  • ZOZEN Boiler Offers Specialized Training to Baixiang Food
    Wuxi, China – ZOZEN Boiler, known for its personalized and comprehensive service offerings, has taken a step further in its commitment to customer support. The company's After-Sales Service Department recently conducted specialized training for boiler operators at Baixiang Food Co., Ltd., aiming to enhance the efficient operation of their gas steam boiler systems.   ZOZEN provides training service for Baixiang Food   A Partnership Rooted in Quality and Service Baixian...
    05 Sep 2023
  • ZOZEN Boiler and Inikin Strengthen Partnership Through Integrated Technology and Service
    ZOZEN Boiler has teamed up with Inikin to supply the gas-fired steam boiler for their mineral water beverage production facility, ensuring its long-term stable operation. The ZOZEN Boiler team recently conducted an on-site visit to the Inikin production base for a progress review.   ZOZEN Boiler Forms Partnership with Yili's Mineral Water Brand   During the process of mineral water production, steam boilers play an essential role as core equipment. They supply high-temperature st...
    29 Aug 2023
  • Unveiling the Secret of Pakistani Basmati Rice: The ZOZEN Boiler Connection
    Around the world, food lovers savor the unique flavor of a fragrant rice known as 'Basmati.' Originating from South Asia, this rice, with its distinctive aroma and slender grains, is a favorite among many. But what lies behind its tempting flavor, and how does it maintain its high-quality taste? The answer may surprise you, as it involves a seemingly ordinary yet crucial piece of production equipment.   In Pakistan, Matco Foods, a notable exporter of Basmati rice, relies on ZOZEN Boiler a...
    01 Aug 2023
  • ZOZEN 10-ton Heavy Oil Steam Boiler Boosts Mauritius Textile Industry
    Mauritius is picturesque and its textile industry is thriving. Recently, ZOZEN's 10-ton heavy oil steam boiler has injected new energy into the industry. With the advanced technology and efficient energy solutions provided by ZOZEN's boiler, textile enterprises in this island country have achieved their vision of upgrading and developing. Every operation of the boiler will become a source of power for the takeoff of the textile industry in Mauritius, weaving a brighter future.   ZOZEN&n...
    18 Jul 2023
  • ZOZEN WNS Series Gas Boilers Provide Strength for China Aerospace Industry
    On June 15th, 2023, a successful launch of 41 satellites with a single rocket set a record for the highest number of satellites launched in a single mission by China Aerospace. The mission was executed by the Long March-2D carrier rocket developed by China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation. As a powerful industrial boiler manufacturing enterprise, Wuxi ZOZEN Boiler Co., Ltd. has reached a cooperation with China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation many years ago, contributing ...
    27 Jun 2023
  • Two Orders - ZOZEN Biomass Boiler Shapes the Future for Vietnam Foam Plastic Plant
    In the first half of this year, TAN PHONG PLASTIC JOINT STOCK COMPANY in Vietnam placed two consecutive orders for biomass boilers with ZOZEN Boiler. ZOZEN Boiler's biomass boilers won the customer's trust with their high quality and reliability. These two orders not only opened up the Vietnamese market for ZOZEN biomass boilers, but also brought more sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions to Vietnam's plastic products industry.   ZOZEN provides a sustain...
    20 Jun 2023
  • ZOZEN Steam Boiler Empowers Ringpu Bio-Tech rely on Integrated production
    In recent years, the development of the veterinary drug industry has attracted much attention and has become a powerful guarantee for the safe production of animal husbandry. A number of management regulations and policies have been promulgated at the national level to regulate the R&D and production process of the veterinary drug industry, and put forward higher animal immunity requirements to help the promotion and application of vaccine products.   In this context, in order to meet...
    13 Jun 2023
  • ZOZEN Boiler Reduces Fuel Costs for a Four-Century-Old Pharmaceutical Group
    When considering whether a boiler from a certain brand is worth purchasing, in addition to the intuitive factor of price, energy efficiency of the boiler is also a crucial factor to consider. Recently, ZOZEN Boiler has partnered with Mayinglong Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. to provide them with a three-pass WNS series natural gas steam boiler. Aside from providing reliable energy supply for the company, the energy efficiency of ZOZEN Boiler has also significantly reduced the fuel cost...
    30 May 2023
  • ZOZEN Boiler and New Hope Group Collaborate Again to Build Feed Production Base in Indonesia
    New Hope Group's Indonesian feed production base is undergoing an important project to install a 6-ton coal-fired steam boiler system provided by ZOZEN Boiler. This collaboration marks the second cooperation between ZOZEN Boiler and New Hope Group, aiming to provide efficient boiler equipment for its feed production base in Indonesia to support its production expansion and the development of Indonesia's livestock industry. Currently, the boiler system provided by ZOZEN Boiler is being installed,...
    23 May 2023
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