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  • ZOZEN Gas Boiler Leads the Way for Green Business Development of Paper Industry
    ZOZEN is a leading manufacturer of high-quality boiler equipment, providing reliable and efficient solutions for various industries. Its partnership with businesses and institutions has enabled ZOZEN to become a trusted supplier of boiler systems. In the Coal-to-Gas Conversion Project of Well Mind Paper (Chongqing) Co., Ltd., ZOZEN's gas-fired superheated steam boiler has demonstrated outstanding stability, delivering superior environmental and economic benefits to its user. As a resul...
    14 Mar 2023
  • ZOZEN Overseas: WNS Gas Boiler Expands European Market and Settles in Hungary
    ZOZEN Boiler is an international industrial boiler supplier base in Jiangsu, China. Since expanding overseas market in 2003, the company has established a global sales network, with their products now operating in numerous countries and regions worldwide. Excitingly, the recent commissioning of an ASME standard ZOZEN gas boiler in Hungary signifies a significant milestone in the expansion of ZOZEN's market presence throughout Europe.   ZOZEN Boiler has provided a comprehensive...
    07 Mar 2023
  • ZOZEN Gas Steam Boiler for Natural Gas Distributed Energy Project
    Industrial boilers originated during the Industrial Revolution in the 18th century, and greatly pushed the process of global economic development. With widespread market demand, boiler manufacturing companies continued to increase. Wuxi ZOZEN Boiler Co., Ltd. is a boiler enterprise established during China's reform and opening-up period. Today, ZOZEN Boiler has become a reliable boiler brand for small and medium-sized processing enterprises, listed companies, and state-owned enterprise...
    02 Mar 2023
  • ZOZEN Cooperates with the Italian Brand Planea Textile Plant
    Recently, another set of ZOZEN biomass boiler was successfully put into operation in the Planea Industrial Park – Planea is an Italian garment brand.   ZOZEN Boiler cooperates with Planea Planea Industrial Park is located in Zhucheng, Weifang, covering a total area of 535,000 square meters. It is a large-scale clothing customization industrial cluster integrating production, living, shopping and education. The company has 38 production lines for suits and tops, 28 production lines ...
    16 Feb 2023
  • ZOZEN Thermal Oil Heater Project for Lithium Battery Industry
    The vigorous development of new energy vehicles, energy storage and other fields has expanded the demand for the whole industrial chain of lithium batteries in China, and the construction of various projects is developped rapidly and vigorously. In order to meet the heat demand of the production base, ZOZEN Boiler and Sichuan Fulin New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. reached a cooperation on thermal oil heaters.   ZOZEN Boiler provides several sets of thermal oil heaters Sichuan Fulin New En...
    09 Feb 2023
  • ZOZEN Gas Steam Boiler Supports Paper Enterprises
    Paper making is processed through separated, pulped, copied, and dried. During the process, steam heating is an important production condition, and the larger the paper mill, the more heat it uses. ZOZEN Boiler is committed to providing users with more energy-saving and environmentally friendly steam heating solutions.   ZOZEN gas steam boilers sell well in the paper industry In the paper industry, the gas steam boiler of ZOZEN Boiler is a kind of intelligent automatic heating equipment,...
    12 Jan 2023
  • ZOZEN Hot Water Boiler Provides Central Heating for Northern China
    Central heating is an important way for northern residents to resist severe cold. Compared with household heating, central heating is available all day, and the temperature is stable and guaranteed. At the same time, the boiler room is far away from the residential area, and the end users have no hidden dangers such as fire and gas poisoning, so the safety is high.   ZOZEN Boiler is deeply cultivated in central heating industry   Central heating keeps the north warm for the winte...
    10 Jan 2023
  • ZOZEN Gas-Fired Steam Boiler in Pharmaceutical Industry
    In the pharmaceutical manufacturing process, a large amount of steam is needed to sterilize raw materials and instruments at high temperature, and to ensure the heat demand of drying, tableting and other processes. In order to better match the cost of production and control, steam boiler has become an important equipment owned by most pharmaceutical companies. Due to the different usage rules of pharmaceutical equipment and the large amount of sewage discharged from the industry, there is a very...
    05 Jan 2023
  • ZOZEN Biomass Steam Boiler in Textile Industry
    In the textile industry, industrial boilers, as heat source equipment, play an important role in drying, sizing, printing and dyeing.   ZOZEN biomass boiler has sufficient output and low fuel cost Nantong Haiwangxing Textile Technology Co., Ltd. is a local textile enterprise specializing in processing cotton yarn, sizing yarn and grey cloth. In 2020, the company and ZOZEN Boiler reached a cooperation on production and heating, and purchased a DZL series steam boiler with biomass particle...
    29 Dec 2022
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