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  • gas fired hot water boiler price in guwahati, ZOZEN boiler creates industry benchmark and leads market trend 17 Nov 2022
    Gas-fired hot water boilers are commonly used as heating equipment in hotels, hospitals, schools, central heating and other industries. However, there are many brands of hot water boilers in the market, and there is no uniform standard for their prices. ZOZEN Boiler will explain the factors that affect the price of three-ton gas-fired hot water boiler in guwahati.   Gas fired hot water boiler price in guwahati Guwahati is the largest city in Assam, India. According to the actua...
  • steam boiler high efficiency manufacturers maldives, with many talents, ZOZEN boiler has strong strength 15 Nov 2022
    Steam occupies an important position in our country's production and life, and it is one of the essential equipment in the production process of major enterprises. It is mainly used in drying, disinfection, sterilization, distillation and other technological links, and is widely used in many industries such as food, paper, chemical industry, textile, electronics, tobacco and medicine. Which high efficiency boiler manufacturer in maldives is better has become a topic of concern to ...
  • thermic fluid heater fuel consumption calculation, ZOZEN boiler has strong technical team 10 Nov 2022
    The energy consumption calculation of thermic fluid heater can estimate the daily operation cost, which should be paid special attention by users. Heat-conduction oil boiler is a kind of boiler that uses heat-conduction oil as heat medium to transfer heat. Using the high-temperature characteristics of heat-conduction oil, heat-conduction oil boiler can realize low-pressure and high-temperature heating, and is widely used in paint, edible oil, chemical industry and other industries. Here, ZOZEN B...
  • hydrogen boiler made in germany, ZOZEN newly developed gas-fired boiler becomes a good weapon 04 Nov 2022
    Part of the solution for heating our homes and water may come from clean hydrogen, which is produced by decomposing water with renewable energy or capturing carbon dioxide (CO2) from traditional hydrogen production.   The only by-product of hydrogen combustion is water, which is different from natural gas. Whenever the boiler is started, it will release carbon dioxide with warming climate. Switching to hydrogen will mean that millions of households will be able to keep the existing centra...
  • oil gas fuel water tube boiler use for textile mills, ZOZEN engineer HAO had a good performance in the Baheer Group project in Afghanistan 28 Oct 2022
    Textile industry is also a highly polluting industry. According to the statistics of the State Environmental Protection Administration, the total amount of sewage discharged from printing and dyeing industry ranks fifth in the national manufacturing industry. 60% of the industrial sewage discharge also comes from the printing and dyeing industry, with heavy pollution, high treatment difficulty and low wastewater reuse rate. In the production process of chemical fiber industry, some products use ...
  • cochran boiler price in bangladesh, ZOZEN boiler becomes a key manufacturing enterprise of jiangsu 24 Oct 2022
    ZOZEN Boiler cooperates with Afghan Paper Industry GiantAs a leading manufacturer of industrial boilers, ZOZEN has a network of sales around the world. Recently, ZOZEN mid-temperature and mid-pressure steam boiler project in Bangladesh was in full swing.During the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" period, China's oil refining industry will focus on transformation and upgrading, and continue to enhance comprehensive strength. It will vigorously eliminate backward production capacity and i...
  • price list of gas steam boiler in bangladesh, ZOZEN boiler provides customers with a full range of after-sales services 21 Oct 2022
    ZOZEN is always committed to doing every detail well and creating value for users. Since the company was founded in 1988, ZOZEN has reformed the traditional production mode of industrial boiler industry and introduced modern science and technology to realize the mechanization, informatization and intelligentization of boiler production line. The fully automatic production lines greatly improve the production efficiency. More importantly, it also enhances the size precision of boiler parts proces...
  • steam boiler design specifications, ZOZEN boiler care fully researches and develops energy-saving and low consumption boilers 19 Oct 2022
    The design of steam boiler is very important, which determines the quality and performance of boiler products to a certain extent. After more than 30 years of hard work, ZOZEN Boiler has occupied a certain position in the domestic industrial boiler industry. Along the way, ZOZEN Boiler has paid special attention to the construction of gas boiler design team, and the steam boiler design needs to pay attention to the market trend in real time. In view of the changes of market demand, the boiler is...
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