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ZOZEN Boiler's Tailored Steam Solutions Fuel Yunan Jiansheng's Smart Latex Manufacturing

25 Jun 2024

In the verdant landscapes of Yunnan, Jiansheng Sleep Technology collaborates with ZOZEN Boiler to pioneer a sustainable manufacturing initiative. On April 10, 2024, the commencement of the first phase of Jiansheng's latex factory production signals the advent of latex products that are healthy, eco-friendly, and designed for comfort, soon to be accessible to households everywhere.


Latex Products Emblematic of Health, Ecology, and Comfort

Latex Products Emblematic of Health, Ecology, and Comfort


At the core of the latex factory's operations are two ZOZEN SZS series steam boilers, the powerhouse driving the production line. These boilers supply high-temperature, high-pressure steam, which not only expedites the heating of latex machinery to boost efficiency but also ensures product hygiene by effectively eliminating bacteria and microorganisms.


The partnership between the two entities is built on a mutual recognition of the significance of automation, intelligent manufacturing, and informatized management. The latex factory leverages cutting-edge automated production technologies and processes, seamlessly merging natural latex products with intelligent manufacturing to achieve comprehensive digital intelligent management and production. ZOZEN Boiler ensures each boiler exemplifies craftsmanship and quality through lean manufacturing practices, informatized management, and 6S site management principles.



The Heart of the Latex Factory: The ZOZEN SZS Series Steam Boilers

The Heart of the Latex Factory: The ZOZEN SZS Series Steam Boilers


Although Jiansheng has not visited ZOZEN Boiler's production site, their confidence in our technical capabilities and product quality is unwavering, a testament to our customized solutions. Addressing the limited space in Jiansheng's boiler room, ZOZEN engineers have ingeniously designed a biomass semi-gasification burner compatible with the SZS series boilers. Utilizing renewable resources like wood chips and loose materials as fuel, this approach reduces reliance on traditional fossil fuels, contributing to environmental protection and sustainable development. The semi-gasification technology also enhances fuel combustion efficiency, improving energy utilization. Moreover, this design offers the benefits of low cost and minimal space requirements, effectively managing investment and operational expenses.


Intelligent and Efficient Energy Support from ZOZEN SZS Series Steam Boilers

Intelligent and Efficient Energy Support from ZOZEN SZS Series Steam Boilers


Employing IoT technology, remote control, and expert management systems, the boilers facilitate automated operations, ensuring optimal performance across various conditions. The advanced membrane water wall and spacious furnace chamber design, complemented by energy-saving devices, significantly enhance heat transfer efficiency and energy utilization rates. The automated control system streamlines operational processes, enabling unattended operation and further reducing labor and management costs.


ZOZEN Boiler's Commitment to Service Excellence

We prioritize the timeliness of our service, ensuring swift responses to customer needs and issues by establishing an efficient customer service team, a robust service management system, and utilizing modern communication tools and technologies alongside a mechanism for continuous improvement.


A Beacon of Sustainable Development

In an era striving for sustainable development, the synergy between ZOZEN Boiler and Jiansheng Sleep Technology sets a precedent for harmonious industrial production and environmental stewardship. Looking ahead, ZOZEN Boiler is poised to partner with more enterprises to advance industry upgrades and jointly forge a new era of green manufacturing.

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