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ZOZEN's Success at ITM 2024: Excellence in Turkish Textile Machinery Exhibition

11 Jun 2024

As the curtains close on the ITM 2024 Turkish International Textile Machinery Exhibition, ZOZEN Boiler has once again proven its prowess on the global stage with cutting-edge boiler technology and innovative solutions, showcasing the strength and allure of "Made in China."


Exhibition Recap

The five-day ITM 2024 event, held at the Tüyap Exhibition and Convention Center in Istanbul, brought together over 1200 renowned companies from around the globe to discuss the future trends of the textile industry. With more than three decades of expertise in boiler manufacturing, ZOZEN Boiler captivated the attention of professional buyers and industry experts from across the world.


ZOZEN Boiler's International Project Director Poses with Clients at the Exhibition

ZOZEN Boiler's International Project Director Poses with Clients at the Exhibition


Innovation Leads the Way: ZOZEN Boiler's Technological and Product Showcase

At booth 813B, ZOZEN Boiler presented a range of products including the SZL series coal-fired steam boilers, YLW series coal-fired thermal oil heaters, WNS gas-fired steam boilers, and YQW gas-fired thermal oil heaters. These products not only boast continuous technological refinements and stable, reliable performance but also meet international standards for environmental protection and energy efficiency, catering to the needs of the global market.


ZOZEN Boiler at Booth 813B

ZOZEN Boiler at Booth 813B


Market Expansion: Technical Exchanges and Cooperation Intentions

During the exhibition, the sales and technical teams of ZOZEN Boiler engaged in in-depth technical exchanges and business negotiations with potential clients from Germany, Europe, Turkey, and neighboring countries. Particularly, the talks with the energy company ALSA ENERJİ A.Ş. opened new avenues for cooperation for ZOZEN Boiler.


ZOZEN Boiler's International Project Director in Business Negotiations with Clients

ZOZEN Boiler's International Project Director in Business Negotiations with Clients


ALSA ENERJİ A.Ş. highly praised ZOZEN Boiler's professional standards and the boiler system solutions offered, expressing a strong desire for collaboration. ZOZEN Boiler tailored a sensible boiler system proposal based on ALSA ENERJİ A.Ş.'s steam requirements, condensate recovery, and local emission standards. Currently, both parties are preparing for further business discussions and plan to invite ALSA ENERJİ A.Š. for a site visit to ZOZEN Boiler in the near future.


ZOZEN Boiler Establishes Preliminary Cooperation with ALSA ENERJİ A.Ş.

ZOZEN Boiler Establishes Preliminary Cooperation with ALSA ENERJİ A.Ş.


Throughout the exhibition, ZOZEN Boiler established a preliminary cooperative relationship with ALSA ENERJİ A.Ş., further expanding the company's international market presence.


Insight into the Future: Market Trends and R&D Directions

At ITM 2024, ZOZEN Boiler engaged in profound industry exchanges with leading enterprises in the global textile industry, exploring market trends and potential collaboration opportunities. These interactions not only enhanced the company's international reputation but also provided valuable industry insights. Feedback from the exhibition has given ZOZEN Boiler a deeper understanding of current market trends and demands, especially regarding environmental protection and energy efficiency, guiding the company's future product development and market positioning.


The potential cooperation case with ALSA ENERJİ A.Ş. highlights ZOZEN Boiler's professional strength and flexible solution capabilities in the international market. The success of this cooperation not only brings new business opportunities to ZOZEN Boiler but also establishes a positive reputation for the company in the global market. Based on the experience and feedback from the exhibition, ZOZEN Boiler will continue to increase R&D investment, promote product innovation, and meet the demands of the global market. The company will also actively seek further cooperation with international partners to jointly promote the sustainable development of the textile industry.



ZOZEN Boiler is pleased with its successful participation in ITM 2024 and looks forward to continuing to demonstrate its technological and product capabilities on the international stage. The company remains committed to providing global customers with higher quality products and services.

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