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steam biomass boiler

Introduction: Steam biomass boiler is a kind of biomass boiler, which uses biomass fuel as raw material.

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Characteristic of steam biomass boiler

Environmental protection, fuel saving, automatic feeding and slag discharging, variable frequency adjustment of blower and induced draft fan, full automatic operation of boiler, automatic adjustment of fuel quantity according to load change, stable steam output. With pressure, water level, exhaust temperature and other protection and alarm measures to ensure the safe operation of the boiler. Biomass steam boiler is a kind of boiler advocated by the society, and the state will vigorously advocate biomass steam boiler and boiler combustion technology.

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Function of steam biomass boiler

It effectively reduces the energy consumption, reduces the emissions of carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides, and improves the environment.

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Matters need attention

1. The specific operation of the boiler should be carried out according to the product manual to ensure the safety of operators and equipment.

2. Before starting, check the power supply, voltage, water source and gas for any abnormal situation. Close the drain valve, open the water supply valve, check whether the flue is unobstructed, check the furnace pressure and the working condition of the make-up water pump, check the sealing of the gas pipeline interface, and close the gas valve for pre-ignition once to confirm the positive and negative rotation of the motor. Check whether the water pump is stuck. If the water pump is stuck, remove the back cover of the fan blade, and turn the motor shaft to a flexible state to start the machine.

3. When you overhaul the boiler or replace accessories, please cut off the gas and power supply to avoid danger caused by live working.

4. The electric control box, burner, water pump motor and other parts should be protected from moisture to prevent burning, and the boiler should be kept clean.

5. It belongs to gas steam boiler. According to the requirements of boiler water quality, please install water softener when using this equipment, because not using water softener will cause boiler scaling, and in severe cases, it will cause tube explosion, which will shorten the life of boiler. If the water treatment equipment is not used in accordance with the regulations, which causes the above situation, it is not covered by the warranty.

6. Please pay attention to sewage discharge when using. Discharge at least once a day with a pressure of 0.15MPa~0.25MPa, which can prevent the pipeline from blocking. The sewage pipes should be properly connected to prevent burns.

7. When you ask technicians for on-site service, you should carefully check the boiler according to the instructions, because if it is not a product quality problem, on-site service is a paid service.

8. The safety valve should be inspected regularly for flexibility, and the pull rod of the safety valve should be pulled quickly at least once a month to check its flexibility of taking off and returning to its seat. The safety valve should be inspected by the local technical supervision bureau regularly every year.

Boiler for the dairy industry
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The production process of liquid dairy products mainly includes: raw milk acceptance, milk cleaning, refrigeration, preheating, homogenization sterilization, cooling, aseptic filling, fermentation, final product storage etc. Steam boiler is used for fermentation, disinfection, drying, etc., The sterilization of liquid dairy products and the fermentation process of sour milk are the main uses of the boilers in dairy plants. According to the experience from working with many dairy companies in the past, fermentation, disinfection and sterilization of dairy products is the main steam consumption sections. If heating and bathing heat are added, steam demand will be higher.

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