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ZOZEN 6-Ton Coal Steam Boiler for Feed Plant in Indonesia

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ZOZEN 6-Ton Coal Steam Boiler for Feed Plant in Indonesia
Case introduction

New Hope Group is a privately-owned enterprise group mainly engaged in modern agriculture, animal husbandry, and food industries. In order to better meet the rapidly growing demand in the feed industry and further expand its overseas business and international influence, New Hope has established a new 120,000-ton annual feed production project in Indonesia.


In the process of feed production, a large amount of heat treatment is required, including processing, drying, and sterilization of the feed. These processes require a large amount of heat energy to provide a heat source, and the temperature, stability, and quality of the heat source also have a great impact on the production quality and efficiency of the feed. Therefore, the feed industry has a high demand for steam boilers, which can provide high-quality, high-temperature, and stable steam to meet the heat energy requirements of feed production and ensure the smooth progress of feed production.


New Hope Group has purchased a set of SZL series coal-fired steam boiler from ZOZEN Boiler this time. The SZL series steam boiler adopts a chain grate structure, and the grate frame adopts a double-layer frame that does not run off or get stuck, ensuring that the chain grate is balanced in force during operation and ensuring smooth operation of the grate. In addition, the water-cooled wall structure of the boiler has high stability, which can ensure the safety of the boiler.


Currently, the boiler is being installed and is expected to be completed and put into operation shortly, providing customers with efficient and stable heat energy supply.

Customer feedback—— New Hope Group

New Hope Group and ZOZEN Boiler have previously collaborated on projects, and ZOZEN Boiler has already carried out multiple boiler projects in the Indonesian and Southeast Asian markets, accumulating rich experience and a good reputation. In addition, obtaining professional technical support, thoughtful after-sales service, and comprehensive solutions have made us feel secure and at ease during the use and maintenance process.

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