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25 tph Coal-Fired Steam Boiler for Paper Industry in Indonesia

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25 tph Coal-Fired Steam Boiler for Paper Industry in Indonesia
Case introduction

ZOZEN Coal-fired Steam Boiler Helps PT.WIRAJAYA PACKINDO in Indonesia Meet Its High Demand for Steam


PT.WIRAJAYA PACKINDO, a leading pulp and paper mill in Indonesia, required a reliable and efficient source of steam to support its production process. The preheating, cooking, and drying of raw materials and paper required a significant amount of steam, making the selection of the right boiler critical for the mill’s operations.


After thorough research, PT.WIRAJAYA PACKINDO chose ZOZEN's 25 tph coal-fired steam boiler to meet their high demand for steam. The boiler is designed with an upper and lower part for transportation, with the upper part serving as the body heating surface and the lower part as the combustion room. The boiler’s shop-assembled design made it easy to install on-site, reducing installation time and associated costs.


ZOZEN's 25 tph coal-fired steam boiler has proven to be an excellent choice for PT.WIRAJAYA PACKINDO. Its high efficiency, reliability, and low maintenance needs have enabled the mill to meet its steam demands while minimizing operating costs. The boiler has also been easy to operate, allowing PT.WIRAJAYA PACKINDO to focus on its core operations without worrying about boiler-related issues.


Since the installation of the boiler, PT.WIRAJAYA PACKINDO's production process has been significantly improved, and the mill has seen an increase in overall efficiency. The boiler has been running smoothly for over a year, providing consistent and reliable steam supply to support the mill's production.


ZOZEN's 25 tph coal-fired steam boiler has been an ideal solution for PT.WIRAJAYA PACKINDO to meet its high steam demand in the pulp and paper production process. With its efficient performance, low maintenance requirements, and ease of operation, the boiler has helped the mill improve its production efficiency while reducing operating costs.


Customer feedback—— PT. WIRAJAYA PACKINDO

Our paper mill needs to run 24 hours per day when we are busy, and there is a big amount of steam consumption in production process, which needs a stable running boiler and its quality must be available.  This ZOZEN offered 25 tph boiler is easy to operate and runs stable, it is very suitable for steam process. After sale service is very thoughtful, after training, our operator can skillfully operate this boiler.  

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