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Introduction: As a well-known manufacturer of gas fuel steam boiler, ZOZEN Boiler has been committed to improving the quality and performance of gas-fired boilers. The full-automatic gas fuel steam boiler produced by ZOZEN Boiler adopts large-size corrugated furnace liner, which provides powerful conditions for the full combustion of natural gas. With the energy-saving device at the tail of the boiler, the thermal efficiency can reach more than 98%, which significantly improves the economic benefits. At the same time, the boiler adopts advanced automatic steam boiler controller, which ensures the safety, stability and high efficiency of the boiler system. After strict quality inspection, ZOZEN automatic gas-steam boiler has been sent to all parts of the world, and has developed into a powerful representative of gas-steam industrial boiler manufacturers.

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Working principle of gas fuel steam boiler

ZOZEN gas fuel steam boileris a kind of heat source equipment that burns clean energy gas such as natural gas, biogas and blast furnace gas, and outputs steam for industrial production. In recent years, the rapid economic development has led to the destruction of the ecological environment and the decline of air quality. In order to improve people's living environment, the government has continuously introduced a series of laws and regulations on promoting emission reduction, saving energy and encouraging the popularization of new energy. At this time, gas-fired boiler steam boiler, which is in line with the development of the times, has become an essential heat source equipment for every enterprise.

Water in the pot (drum) is constantly heated by the energy released by the combustion of gas fuel in the furnace, and the temperature rises to produce pressurized steam. As the boiling point of water rises with the increase of pressure, the pot is sealed, and the expansion of water vapor in it is limited to generate pressure to form thermal power, which is widely used as an energy source.

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ZOZEN gas fuel steam boiler has a wide application range.

The main products of the gas fuel steam boiler produced by ZOZEN are WNS series condensing gas steam boiler, SZS series condensing gas steam boiler, SZS series superheated gas steam boiler and ZZ series medium-temperature and medium-pressure gas steam boiler, which have the characteristics of full-automatic and safe operation, and the thermal efficiency can reach more than 98%, and the NOx emission can be as low as 30mg/Nm3.

ZOZEN gas fuel steam boiler has a single heating range of 1-130t/h, which is widely used in chemical industry, food, tobacco, textile, printing and dyeing, feed, medicine, building materials, brewing, hospitals, schools, rubber and other industries.

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gas fuel steam boiler system

1. The main body of the gas fuel steam boiler is composed of burner and boiler body.

2. The boiler tail will be equipped with energy-saving equipment according to different requirements. The common ones are economizer, condenser and air preheater.

3. The combustion system of the gas fuel steam boiler is equipped with a corresponding burner and fuel supply system according to the fuel used. In general, the boiler uses a blower for micro-positive pressure combustion. In special cases, an induced draft fan is required for balanced ventilation.

4. Boiler steam-water system consists of boiler body, tail energy-saving equipment, water treatment device, feed water pump, air cylinder and other equipment.

5. Boiler control system is also the most important component of gas fuel steam boiler. The selected control system ofZOZEN gas fuel steam boiler can collect the on-site data of the boiler system in real time, and display and control it through the touch screen, so that users can monitor all the operating parameters and states of the boiler and its supporting systems. At the same time, the boiler control system will automatically record and analyze the working time and efficiency of the boiler, and intelligently adjust the operation of the boiler, so that customers can use it with less worry and effort, and save more money.

Boiler for the textile industry
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Textile refers to a multi-scale structural processing technique of a fiber or fiber assembly, it includes many steam consuming sections including dyeing, drying, slashing, printing, pressing etc.., all of which needs steam from boilers. With the increase in the demand for textiles, the steam consumption of textile factories is also increasing. Whether building a new textile factory or rebuilding and expanding a textile factory are faced with the problem of boiler selection. Except for steam demanding, textile plants also need higher temperature heat source for printing, dyeing and hot-pressing sections, where thermal oil heaters will be used to heat the thermal oil to above 300°C high temperature, after the thermal oil are used for heat consuming machines, it will come back to boiler for circulating using. So, steam boiler and thermal oil heater combination is commonly used in textile plants, ZOZEN already provided completed solutions for over 50 customers.

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