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Introduction: Biogas boiler is a new type of boiler with no fuel cost, but it can't be scaled up because of the instability of biogas supply. The biogas boiler innovatively developed by ZOZEN Boiler realizes the full-scale combustion of biogas and natural gas, and can be widely used in large and medium-sized enterprises such as animal husbandry and wine industry. It is more green and environmentally friendly while reducing the fuel cost of the boiler, and provides practical solutions for the sustainable development of enterprises.

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Energy-saving and environment-friendly bio gas boiler

Bio gas boiler is a boiler that burns biogas as fuel. It is a new type of energy boiler suitable for slaughter plants and breeding plants. It uses animal excrement, slaughtered dirt, branches and leaves to carry out fermentation reaction and collect biogas. Bio gas boiler is a new type of energy-saving and environment-friendly boiler, which can not only save fuel costs, but also solve environmental pollution problems.

As a professional manufacturer of bio gas boilers,ZOZEN Boiler has overcome technical difficulties and introduced a new biogas boiler with sufficient output and high thermal efficiency, which has saved a lot of fuel costs for enterprises and promoted the development of circular economy more effectively.

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Application of bio gas in boiler

The boiler can be used for bio gas utilization in the sewage treatment process of domestic large, medium and small aquaculture plants, slaughterhouses, paper mills, beverage factories, wineries and starch factories, and can also provide steam for the processing of industrial products such as textiles, printing and dyeing, paper making, video, rubber, plastics, chemicals, medicine, steel, metallurgy, etc., and can also be used for heating, steaming and bathing in enterprises, institutions, hotels, school catering and service industries.

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Advantages of bio gas boiler

1. Bio gas boiler uses renewable energy biogas as fuel, which is pollution-free and noiseless in operation. It is a green product, and can be used for heating and hot water. With high thermal efficiency, it is widely used for heating and hot water users.

2. Bio gas boiler adopts self-designed combustion nozzle, equipped with controller to control boiler ignition, boiler temperature, automatic gas stop, flameout protection, water shortage protection, ultra-high temperature protection, providing comprehensive safety protection, and simple and convenient operation.

3. The bio gas boiler has compact structure design, painted appearance, beautiful appearance, no corrosion and small installation area.

4. The outer body of biogas boiler is insulated to reduce heat loss to a greater extent.

Boiler for the rubber industry
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As the fast developing of chemical industry, there are many kinds of rubber product with similar producing process, mainly including: raw material preparing, Plastic refining, mixing, calendering, forming, vulcanizing etc., and most of these sections needs steam. Besides, some high temperature machines such as pressing, kneading, banbury machines, vulcanization molding, injection molding machine, cement mixer, conveyor belt dryer and molds heating and insulation also need thermal oil heater.

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Difficulties of biogas popularization in boilers

1. Because of the instability of biogas supply, it can't be scaled up, which is a common problem faced by bio gas boiler manufacturers.

2. When the hydrogen sulfide in biogas meets water, it is easy to generate acidic substances, which will cause corrosion to the boiler body. This is also a problem that biogas boiler manufacturers must solve.

In order to solve the above problems, the technical team of ZOZEN Boiler, a manufacturer of bio gas boilers, scientifically adjusted the SZS series bio gas boiler system. By setting reasonable exhaust temperature and other measures, the generation of acidic substances was reduced, and the boiler's thermal efficiency was ensured, while the service life of the boiler was effectively prolonged.

In addition,ZOZEN boiler and burner manufacturers have jointly developed a special burner for biogas, which can not only meet the demand of simultaneous use of natural gas and self-produced biogas, but also be used separately from a single gas source, so as to ensure the stable operation of steam boilers and provide practical solutions for the sustainable development of enterprises.

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