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How should the superheated steam temperature and reheated steam temperature of the boiler be adjusted?

28 Jun 2024

Adjusting the superheated steam temperature and reheated steam temperature in a boiler is crucial for optimizing efficiency, ensuring safety, and achieving the desired output conditions. Here's how these temperatures can be adjusted:

Spray Water Control:

Attemperation: Many boilers use attemperators, which spray water directly into the steam to cool it down, thus controlling the superheated and reheated steam temperatures.

Adjusting the amount of spray water will directly impact these temperatures. More spray will reduce the temperature, while less spray will allow the temperature to rise.

Burner Tilting:

Some boilers have tilting burners. Adjusting the angle of the burners can change the heat distribution pattern inside the boiler, thereby influencing the steam temperatures.

Tilting the burners up generally raises the superheated steam temperature, while tilting them down reduces it.

Fuel and Air Adjustments:

Changing the fuel-air mixture can alter the combustion temperature, affecting the steam temperatures.
A richer mixture (more fuel, less air) will increase combustion temperatures, while a leaner mixture (less fuel, more air) will decrease them.

Excess Air Control:

Controlling the amount of excess air in combustion can help adjust the steam temperatures. Less excess air can increase the temperatures, while more excess air can reduce them.

Flue Gas Recirculation (FGR):

Introducing a portion of the flue gas back into the combustion chamber can reduce the peak flame temperature. This is especially useful for controlling nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions but can also influence steam temperatures.

Steam Desuperheaters:

These are devices specifically designed to reduce the temperature of superheated steam. By introducing a controlled amount of cooler water into the steam flow, the steam temperature can be effectively controlled.
Operational Load:

Adjusting the load of the boiler (how hard it's working) can also influence steam temperatures. Typically, as load increases, steam temperatures will rise.
Feedwater Temperature:

The temperature of the feedwater entering the boiler can influence the final steam temperatures. Ensuring consistent feedwater temperature can help stabilize steam temperatures.

It's essential always to monitor steam temperatures closely, especially when making adjustments. Changes should be made gradually and with an understanding of how each adjustment will affect overall boiler operation. Additionally, always consult the boiler's operational manual and guidelines set by the manufacturer.

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