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SHX coal-fired CFB (circulating fluidized bed) steam boiler

  • Thermal capacity

    10-35 t/h

  • Working pressure

    1.25-2.5 MPa

  • Outlet temperature

    194-400 ℃

  • Available fuel

    Coal, rock refuse, biomass, sludge

  • Available industries

    Chemical, food, tobacco, textile, printing and dyeing, feed, medicine, building material, wine, rubber, hospital

SHX coal-fired CFB (circulating fluidized bed) steam boiler
CFBC technology is a new, efficient, and low-pollution clean coal method. This low-temperature combustion significantly reduces Nitrogen Oxide emissions and enables direct, high-efficiency desulfurization. Economically straightforward, CFBC lowers costs compared to other methods and accommodates various fuels, including low-calorific, low-quality coal. The resulting ash is reusable, eliminating secondary pollution. Moreover, CFBC supports wide load adjustments, operating down to about 30% of full load.



  • High-Temp Cyclone Separator
  • Efficient, durable, ≥98% separation
  • Boosts boiler combustion efficiency
  • Large Furnace Design
  • Reduces erosion with large furnace and low flow speed design
  • Extended burn time for full combustion
  • Bell-shaped Wind Cap
  • Ensures even wind distribution
  • Prevents material backflow into the wind chamber
  • Ignition Method
  • Unique air chamber design
  • Options for either bed-top ignition or bed-bottom ignition available
  • Convection Heat Surface
  • Multiple baffles for smoke flow, fly ash prevention
  • Blower interfaces in ash-prone areas, multiple blower choices
  • Serpentine Tube Economizer
  • Increases heating surface area, absorbs flue gas temperature
  • Enhances boiler thermal efficiency
  • Air Preheater
  • Elevates intake temperature, lowers flue gas temperature
  • Enhances boiler thermal efficiency
  • Broad Fuel Compatibility

    Compatible with coal, gangue, biomass, waste, sludge etc.

  • Excellent Eco-Friendliness

    Low sulfur and nitrogen emissions, direct desulfurization during combustion, NOx emissions below 100mg/Nm³

  • Customized Boiler System

    Tailored solutions for feed, slag, and gas treatment, saving time and money

  • High Degree of Intelligence

    Advanced controls automate fuel supply, ash removal, and slag discharge

Model Rated thermal power (t/h) Rated working pressure (MPa) Rated output water temperature (℃) Thermal efficiency (%)
SHX10-1.25 10 1.25 194 88
SHX10-1.6 10 1.6 204 88
SHX15-1.25 15 1.25 194 88
SHX15-1.6 15 1.6 204 88
SHX20-1.25 20 1.25 194 88
SHX20-1.6 20 1.6 204 88
SHX20-2.5/400 20 2.5 400 88
SHX25-1.25 25 1.25 194 88
SHX25-1.6 25 1.6 204 88
SHX25-2.5/400 25 2.5 400 88
SHX30-1.25 30 1.25 194 88
SHX30-1.6 30 1.6 204 88
SHX30-2.5/400 30 2.5 400 88
SHX35-1.25 35 1.25 194 88
SHX35-1.6 35 1.6 204 88
SHX35-2.5/400 35 2.5 400 88

* The basic parameter table provided is a reference, but ZOZEN Boiler can tailor the boiler device and system to your specific needs. Note that specifications and descriptions may differ from the actual product, and ZOZEN reserves the right to modify them without notice. For additional specifications, please contact us.

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