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10 tph SZL series biomass-fired chain grate steam boiler for construction industry

Biomass-fired boilers cases
  • Project boiler medium:Steam
  • Capacity:10tph
  • Location:Changsha, Hunan
  • Equipment:SZL10-2.45-M
Customer feedback

We were deeply impressed by the service provided by ZOZEN. From the pre-sales of boiler system design, boiler manufacturing, to after-sales boiler transportation and on-site installation, we had felt the professional attitude of a large industrial boiler manufacturer. We were assured of peace of mind when ZOZEN toke responsibility of the boiler project.

Hunan Leading Construction Technology Co., LTD.

Case introduction

Under the general trend of global economic green development, biomass-fired boilers use biomass-forming pellets such as crop straws and forestry residues as fuel have become the choice of many enterprises because of their environmental protection advantages. Among them, Hunan Leading Construction Technology Co., LTD., specializing in the R&D, production and sales of lightweight building materials, is an integrated supplier of various advanced application technologies. In the production process of high-precision aerated concrete blocks and plates, ZOZEN SZL series biomass-fired boilers provide a stable heat source for the autoclave curing process.

According to the characteristics and combustion rate of different biomass fuels, ZOZEN has improved and optimized the design of grate and furnace arch, and has adopted reasonable protection measures for furnaces in high temperature combustion zone, which effectively prevent coking and slagging and ensure the stable operation of boilers. In addition, the scientific arrangement of multiple independent wind chambers and air distribution doors realizes precise air distribution of fuel in different combustion stages, greatly improving fuel utilization and increasing the boiler thermal efficiency over 88%. And ZOZEN SZL series biomass-fired steam boilers take the advantages of the package boilers - the compact structure is convenient to install on site with a short construction period, which saves a large cost for Hunan's leading technology.