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thermal oil heater price near shanghai

thermal oil heater price near shanghai

Introduction: thermal oil heater price near shanghai, generally, coal, oil and gas are used as fuel, heat conduction oil is used as medium, and the hot oil circulation pump is used to force the medium to circulate in liquid phase, and then the heat energy is delivered to the heating equipment and then returned to the heating furnace for reheating, which can obtain a high working temperature under low pressure and control the medium operation with high precision, thermal oil heater price near shanghai. The heat utilization rate of the system is high, the operation and maintenance are convenient, thermal oil heater price near shanghai, and the closed circulation heating is communicated with the atmosphere, which can prolong the service life of the boiler, and the liquid phase or gas phase is used for heating, thermal oil heater price near shanghai

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The production process of liquid dairy products mainly includes: raw milk acceptance, milk cleaning, refrigeration, preheating, homogenization sterilization, cooling, aseptic filling, fermentation, final product storage etc. Steam boiler is used for fermentation, disinfection, drying, etc., The sterilization of liquid dairy products and the fermentation process of sour milk are the main uses of the boilers in dairy plants. According to the experience from working with many dairy companies in the past, fermentation, disinfection and sterilization of dairy products is the main steam consumption sections. If heating and bathing heat are added, steam demand will be higher.
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