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straw burning biomass boilers

Introduction: The straw burning biomass boiler is a boiler using straw or biomass particles made of straw as fuel. According to its fuel characteristics, ZOZEN Boiler reasonably designs related structures to ensure efficient, energy-saving and stable operation of the boiler; Solve the problems of ash settling, coking, abrasion, burning front arch, burning hopper and so on.

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Introduction to the straw biomass boiler

At present, under the situation of energy shortage and serious environmental pollution in the world, biomass is a renewable energy, and its sulfur content and nitrogen content are low, and the content of NOx and SO2 after combustion is very low. The renewable resources such as corn stalks in the north and rice hulls in the south are very abundant. Using them to replace or partially replace coal not only brings rich economic returns to enterprises, but also increases the income of farmers.


The boiler can burn biomass fuel to provide heat energy. According to statistics, the calorific value of every 3 tons of straw is equivalent to 2 tons of coal. The biomass straw boilers produced by ZOZEN can be divided into four series: SZL series double-drum vertical chain grate boiler, DZL series single-drum vertical chain grate boiler, DHL series biomass chain grate boiler and SHL series double-drum chain grate boiler.

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Working principle of straw burning biomass boiler

Water-cooled walls are arranged on both sides of the boiler to form a furnace and convection flue. One-pass threaded flue pipes are arranged in the boiler drum, which has a larger combustion space and sufficient height, so that the straw fuel has sufficient combustion time in the furnace, and an economizer is arranged at the tail. The front arch and the back arch are poured by water cooling in the furnace. The front arch is stepped and the back arch is herringbone, which makes the coverage rate close to 85%, which is beneficial to the burning of straw. At the same time, a large chain grate is used to realize mechanical combustion, and a drum induced draft fan is used for mechanical ventilation. There is enough overfire air in a certain height in the furnace, and a slag extractor is used to realize mechanical inspection. The control and monitoring instruments are complete.

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Technical characteristics of straw boiler

1. Straw burning boiler can completely achieve the purpose of low-temperature combustion, and the flue gas temperature of the whole circulating flow field of the boiler is lower than the ash melting point temperature of straw fuel by adopting medium-temperature separation.

2. Straw biomass boiler can establish a good material circulation loop, fully mix bed materials with fuel, have uniform temperature field in the furnace, high fuel combustion efficiency and low carbon content in fly ash.

3. Many measures are taken in the design of straw boiler to effectively avoid ash deposition and coking, so as to achieve strong continuous operation capability;

4. The biomass straw burning boiler has solved the problem of high and low temperature corrosion caused by biomass such as straw in the furnace, greatly prolonging the service life of the equipment.

Boiler for the dairy industry
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The production process of liquid dairy products mainly includes: raw milk acceptance, milk cleaning, refrigeration, preheating, homogenization sterilization, cooling, aseptic filling, fermentation, final product storage etc. Steam boiler is used for fermentation, disinfection, drying, etc., The sterilization of liquid dairy products and the fermentation process of sour milk are the main uses of the boilers in dairy plants. According to the experience from working with many dairy companies in the past, fermentation, disinfection and sterilization of dairy products is the main steam consumption sections. If heating and bathing heat are added, steam demand will be higher.

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