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100 tph coal-fired steam boiler for paper industry in Sumatra, Indonesia

Coal-fired boilers cases
  • Project boiler medium:Steam
  • Capacity:100 tph
  • Location:Indonesia
  • Equipment:ZZ100-3.82/450-AII
Customer feedback

Since our cogeneration plant started running in 2002, boiler has been running stable, ZOZEN offered strong support for stable operation of our plant, their boiler has good cost performance, it has same quality with world famous boiler brand, they reduced our construction and running cost, helped us to have competitive product. Because of our profitability, we are now a member of APP Group. 

PT.Lontar Papyrus (Belong to APP group)

Case introduction

PT.Lontar Papyrus has built their pulp mill in Sumatra Island since 1994. During manufacture, the raw material needs to be cut, grinded and cooked, with the increase of output, the huge power and steam consumption make the manufacturing cost higher and higher. For making their product more competitive, PT.Lontar Papyrus decided to build their own cogeneration energy plant, high-quality steam is used for generating electricity and low-quality steam is used for technology. Cogeneration boiler has high requirement for steam quality, pressure, and smooth running. The boiler needs to be installed on-site, so also requires the supplier to be professional for on-site installation. After many times of visiting and discussing, PT.Lontar Papyrus chose ZOZEN coal-fired steam boiler. By cooperating with local agent, ZOZEN full completed this big project successfully. The boiler has been running well and each target is achieved too.