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2tph DZL series coal-fired chain grate steam boiler project for the food industry in Mongolia

Coal-fired boilers cases
  • Project boiler medium:Steam
  • Capacity:2 tph
  • Location:Ulan Bator, Mongolia
  • Equipment: DZL2-1.6-AII
Customer feedback

Through the Internet, We knew that ZOZEN Boiler was a strong industrial boiler manufacturer and supplier which had a good reputation on the international market. After the in-depth communication, we quickly signed the cooperation agreement with ZOZEN Boiler. We really appreciated for ZOZEN's DZL series coal-fired steam boiler, which had solved the heat supply problem of our juice production line.

Vitsamo Fruit Juice LLC

Case introduction

In the food industry, disinfection and sterilization processes before the concentration and canning of juice need the high-quality steam generated by the industrial boiler. Vitsamo Fruit Juice LLC is a large-scale juice producer and supplier in Mongolia. With the continuous expansion of production scale, the original coal-fired boiler could not meet the company's production demand any more and boiler operation problems frequently appeared in use. Therefore, Vitsamo Fruit Juice LLC decided to introduce a set of new coal-fired boiler with high quality and stable operation. After a large amount of information collection, Vitsamo Fruit Juice LLC found ZOZEN Boiler, a professional industrial boiler manufacturer in China, on the Internet and the two parties finally reached a successful cooperation.

According to the actual steam demand of Vitsamo Fruit Juice LLC's production line, ZOZEN Boiler tailored a complete set of DZL series coal-fired chain grate steam boiler system solution which was highly recognized by the customers. ZOZEN DZL series coal-fired steam boiler is a kind of horizontal three-pass water and fire tube chain grate  boiler which adopts the "Silicon 5" fire grate segments with high-resisting performance which can effectively extend the service life of boiler. What's more, ZOZEN DZL series coal-fired steam boiler has sufficient heating surface including the convection heating surface formed by the threaded smoke tubes and the radiation heating surface formed by the drum and water-cooled walls in both sides with a high thermal efficiency of over 82%. Finally, ZOZEN DZL series packaged coal-fired steam boiler is also featured with a compact structure which can save a lot of basic construction costs for the company, so this boiler type is favored by the customers who have requirements for the boiler's occupied area.