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Export to Pakistan: 15 TPH Coal Chain Grate Steam Boiler for Food Processing Industry

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Export to Pakistan: 15 TPH Coal Chain Grate Steam Boiler for Food Processing Industry
Case introduction

Customer Needs Analysis:

Matco Foods, a renowned food processing and export company in Pakistan, is celebrated for its Basmati rice on the global stage. Their primary requirement lies in the precision of temperature and pressure control during the steaming and drying stages of rice production, which is vital for ensuring the superior taste and aroma of the rice. Moreover, to sustain continuous and efficient production, Matco Foods required a reliable energy solution to support their substantial production scale.

ZOZEN's Solution:

ZOZEN responded promptly to the needs of Matco Foods, providing a 15 tph SZL series coal-fired steam boiler. Featuring a full-lift spring-type safety valve and an independent wind chamber design, the boiler ensures stability and efficiency throughout the combustion process. The application of chain grate technology allows for precise control of heat, guaranteeing ideal quality during the rice steaming process. Additionally, ZOZEN offered Matco Foods customized installation, meticulous tuning, regular maintenance, and professional training services, ensuring efficient operation of the boiler and reducing the risk of operational errors.

Impact Assessment:
ZOZEN's solution has had a significant positive impact on the rice production line of Matco Foods. It has not only stabilized and enhanced the quality of rice production but also improved energy utilization and reduced production costs. The consistent thermal output ensures uniformity in the rice steaming and drying processes, enabling the final product to meet high-quality standards.

Customer feedback—— Matco Foods

Since switching to ZOZEN boilers, our Basmati rice production has become more efficient, ensuring a consistent quality of rice. The team at ZOZEN has demonstrated a professional and efficient approach in troubleshooting and operational training, effectively safeguarding our production efficiency. We're grateful for ZOZEN's contributions and look forward to maintaining a fruitful cooperation in the future.

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