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ZOZEN 10 Tph Chain Grate Coal Steam Boiler in Vietnam for Building Material Production

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ZOZEN 10 Tph Chain Grate Coal Steam Boiler in Vietnam for Building Material Production
Case introduction

Vietnam Risesun New Materials Co., Ltd., backed by the Kentier Group, stands as a distinguished manufacturer dedicated to innovative flooring materials. The Kentier Group has channeled an impressive $125 million into constructing a state-of-the-art flooring factory in Vietnam, focusing on producing signature products like the Kentier Super Flooring, medium-to-high density fiberboard, and an assortment of wooden items.


To fulfill the robust production needs of Vietnam Risesun, ZOZEN Boiler stepped in with the supply of two 10-ton SZL series steam boilers. These boilers, renowned in diverse industrial applications, play a pivotal role in the PVC flooring production line, offering the essential thermal energy required during the heating, plasticizing, and final cooling stages.


The SZL series boilers are crafted with a stratified combustion approach, synergized with a scientifically optimized furnace arch design. This combination not only amplifies thermal efficiency and curtails fuel consumption but also mitigates emission levels effectively. The unique segmented air chamber design ensures each chamber benefits from individualized air regulation, promoting a consistent and thorough combustion process. This results in enhanced flexibility and adaptability for various industrial needs.


This triumphant collaboration underlines ZOZEN Boiler's prowess in both technological innovation and impeccable service. It further emphasizes Vietnam Risesun New Materials Co., Ltd.'s stringent and high-quality benchmarks when it comes to choosing their partners.

Customer feedback—— Vietnam Risesun New Materials Co., Ltd.

In our selection process for suppliers, we place a high emphasis on brand reputation and corporate culture. ZOZEN Boiler aligns perfectly with our standards, instilling in us both trust and assurance. Our decision to partner with ZOZEN Boiler has proven to be judicious, and we eagerly anticipate bolstering our collaboration in the times ahead.

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