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ZOZEN Boiler and New Hope Group Collaborate Again to Build Feed Production Base in Indonesia

23 May 2023

New Hope Group's Indonesian feed production base is undergoing an important project to install a 6-ton coal-fired steam boiler system provided by ZOZEN Boiler. This collaboration marks the second cooperation between ZOZEN Boiler and New Hope Group, aiming to provide efficient boiler equipment for its feed production base in Indonesia to support its production expansion and the development of Indonesia's livestock industry. Currently, the boiler system provided by ZOZEN Boiler is being installed, which signifies a further deepening of the partnership between the two companies in the Indonesian market, bringing more opportunities and challenges for future cooperation.


New Hope's feed processing scale is among the top in the world

New Hope Group is a privately-owned enterprise group with modern agriculture and animal husbandry, as well as food industry as its main businesses. It has over 600 subsidiaries worldwide, with more than 135,000 employees and group assets exceeding 340 billion yuan. New Hope's feed processing scale is among the top in the world, with an annual output of about 30 million tons. To meet the growing demand in the feed market, New Hope Group is building a new feed production base in Cirebon, Indonesia.


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Collaboration between ZOZEN Boiler and New Hope's Indonesian feed production base


As one of the key equipment in the feed processing industry, steam boilers provide the necessary high-temperature energy support for the feed processing process. Processing plants help to heat and sterilize feed materials and improve product quality and safety by providing high-temperature steam for the feed production process.


In addition, steam boilers can also be used for wastewater treatment in feed processing plants. Wastewater generated by the feed processing industry usually contains high concentrations of pollutants such as organic matter and ammonia nitrogen, which have a serious impact on the environment. Steam boilers can provide steam for wastewater treatment, which can be used for evaporation and concentration of wastewater, thereby reducing wastewater discharge and environmental pollution.


ZOZEN coal-fired steam boilers provide support for New Hope's feed processing plant

ZOZEN Boiler is a professional enterprise engaged in the research and development, manufacturing, and sales of boiler combustion equipment. With over thirty years of experience in the industry, ZOZEN Boiler has a professional technical team and years of R&D and production experience. Its products are widely recognized and praised for their high efficiency, energy conservation, environmental protection, and reliability.


Previously, ZOZEN Boiler provided a 4-ton DZL series chain grate quick-installed steam boiler for New Hope's Liuhe subsidiary in Central Java Province, Indonesia. The two parties have established a good cooperative relationship in the Indonesian market. This collaboration not only marks another cooperation between ZOZEN Boiler and New Hope Group but also injects new momentum into the development of Indonesia's livestock industry.




ZOZEN Boiler is providing a set of 6-ton SZL series gas-fired steam boiler system for New Hope's Indonesia feed production base. During the design process, ZOZEN Boiler sets different numbers of independent air chambers according to the boiler tonnage and adjusts the air distribution according to the combustion situation, which can help the boiler achieve better combustion performance and higher combustion efficiency, while also reducing energy consumption and emissions. In addition, the layer combustion technology enables the fuel to form a uniform combustion layer on the grate, thus achieving a more efficient and stable combustion process, reducing the amount of exhaust gas and slag generated during combustion, and minimizing environmental pollution.


ZOZEN Boiler's professional expertise and efficient boiler equipment will provide necessary high-temperature energy support for New Hope Group, helping it expand its business and improve product quality in the Indonesian feed market. With the joint efforts of both parties, I believe that the cooperation between ZOZEN Boiler and New Hope Group will become closer and make a greater contribution to the sustainable development of Indonesia's livestock industry!


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