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Hungary Electrolyte Plant 3 Tons Gas-fired Steam Boiler Project

Gas-fired boilers cases
  • Type


  • Capacity

    3 tph

  • Location

    Soškut, Hungary

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Hungary Electrolyte Plant 3 Tons Gas-fired Steam Boiler Project
Case introduction

Dongwha Electrolyte is a subsidiary of Dongwha Co., Ltd. In order to explore the European market, Dongwha Company has built a lithium-ion battery electrolyte production plant in Hungary. The company has invested a total of 50 billion won (US$ 40 million) and can produce 20,000 tons of electrolyte materials annually.


Dongwha Electrolyte has high requirements for equipment and needs to purchase gas-fired boilers that meet ASME standards. ZOZEN Boiler is a professional boiler supplier with various international certification qualifications, which can meet the requirements of boiler customization service and qualification certification in different countries and regions.


ZOZEN Boiler provides Dongwha Electrolyte with a set of WNS series 3-ton gas-fired steam boiler, which is favored by lithium battery industry for the stable steam supply, high thermal efficiency and strong safety performance.

Customer feedback—— Dongwha Electrolyte

It's not the first time that Dongwha and ZOZEN cooperated. Another project in Finland also used ZOZEN’s boiler. The reason for choosing ZOZEN’s boiler is that the boiler quality of ZOZEN is better, and the after-sales service is more comprehensive.

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