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Kyrgyzstan Textiles Boosted by ZOZEN 5-Ton Gas-Fired Steam Boiler

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Kyrgyzstan Textiles Boosted by ZOZEN 5-Ton Gas-Fired Steam Boiler
Case introduction

The Challenge Faced by a Kyrgyzstan Textile Factory:

A textile factory in Kyrgyzstan confronted a clear and pressing issue: their existing boilers frequently operated beyond their capacity, resulting in an insufficient output to meet the demands of their production line. This not only lowered their production efficiency but also heightened operational challenges, urgently necessitating a new boiler solution.


Client Requirements:

1. The boiler output should meet the production demands, addressing the current issue of insufficient capacity.

2. The boiler's exhaust temperature must reach 60°C.

3. Given the differences between peak and off-peak production periods in the textile factory, they wanted a solution that could operate flexibly during off-peak times, thereby reducing costs.


ZOZEN Boiler's Solution:

1. We recommended the WNS series 5-ton three-pass gas steam boiler. This boiler is renowned for its stable output, fully meeting the client's production requirements.

2. To meet the exhaust temperature requirement, we specifically modified the boiler by adding an energy-saving device and a condenser. This not only effectively reduced the emission temperature but also improved thermal efficiency, helping the company save on energy.

3. Understanding the client's specific operational needs during peak and off-peak seasons, we suggested they purchase two boilers. This way, during off-peak times, only one would need to operate, further cutting operational costs.

Customer feedback—— Heilongjiang Jimmons International Trade Co., Ltd.

We've genuinely experienced the service quality that ZOZEN Boiler emphasizes. ZOZEN not only provided technical support on time but also dispatched specialized technicians to assist us with the boiler calibration. This level of care and support made us truly appreciate the value of collaborating with ZOZEN Boiler.

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