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Textile Industry 10-Ton Gas-fired Steam Boiler Project

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  • Project boiler medium:Steam
  • Capacity:10 tph
  • Location:Zhejiang, China
  • Equipment:WNS10-1.25-Q
Customer feedback

The demand for steam in the textile industry was very large, and the investment in steam production accounted for a very large proportion of the total cost. Therefore, we attached great importance to the energy-saving and emission-reduction effects of the boiler. The boiler provided by ZOZEN Boiler had stable steam output with outstanding quality, at the same time, we were satisfied with the energy saving performance.

Zhejiang Doya Textile Technology Co., Ltd.

Case introduction

I. Project Background:

Zhejiang Doya Textile Technology Co., Ltd., established in 2014, is a professional manufacturer of tent cloth, umbrella cloth and other textiles.


At present, the company is building an outdoor functional waterproof fabric weaving project with an annual output of 100 million meters. The project introduces a number of advanced production equipment, of which steam boiler is an important heat source provider on the production line. Doya company has selected ZOZEN Boiler as the boiler supplier of the project.


II. Solutions:

ZOZEN Boiler designed a set of WNS series two-pass gas-fired steam boiler for the customer, with the capacity of 10 tons/hr. The large-diameter corrugated furnace provides the sufficient combustion space. Also, the advanced low-NOx burner ensures the full combustion of the fuel and inhabits the generation of the NOx, which meets the requirements of environmental protection.


The boiler adopts the PLC automatic control system. On the premise of ensuring safety and easy operation, the boiler saves the investment and reduces the investment cost.