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diesel oil fired steam boiler

Introduction: The diesel oil fired steam boiler is an industrial boiler that burns diesel oil and outputs steam for industrial production. As a kind of clean energy boiler, diesel oil is widely used in oil-fired steam boilers. As a leader among industrial boiler manufacturers, Wuxi Zhongzheng Boiler Co., Ltd. produces diesel oil fired steam boiler with complete models, wide range and high quality, which has been unanimously recognized by users. Today, ZOZEN Boiler will show you the working principle and system structure of diesel steam boiler.

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Working principle of diesel oil fired steam boiler

The working principle of diesel oil fired steam boiler is that the burner releases heat from burning diesel oil, which is absorbed by water wall through radiation heat transfer, and a large amount of steam enters the drum for steam-water separation (except once-through boiler), and the separated saturated steam enters the superheater, which continues to absorb the heat of flue gas at the top of the furnace, horizontal flue and tail flue through radiation and convection, and makes the superheated steam reach the required working temperature.

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Detailed structure explanation of diesel oil fired steam boiler

Diesel steam boilers are mainly divided into WNS series diesel steam boilers, SZS series diesel steam boilers and DHS series diesel steam boilers according to their structures.

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WNS series diesel oil fired steam boiler

WNS series diesel oil fired steam boiler are shell-type three-return wet-back oil-fired boilers. The boiler runs automatically, and after the fuel is atomized by the burner, the torch formed is filled in the full-wave furnace liner, and the radiant heat is transferred through the wall of the furnace liner, which is the first return trip. The high-temperature flue gas generated by combustion gathers in the reburning chamber and turns into the second return, that is, the threaded flue tube bundle area. After convective heat exchange, the temperature of the flue gas gradually decreases to the front flue box, and then turns into the third return, that is, the smooth flue tube bundle area, and then flows into the chimney through the subsequent flue box, and finally is discharged into the atmosphere. This series of products has the characteristics of safety, reliability, high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection, convenient maintenance, durability, automatic intelligent control and so on.

Boiler for the refineries
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The main production units of refineries usually include: crude oil distillation (normal, vacuum distillation), thermal cracking, catalytic cracking, hydrocracking, petroleum coking, catalytic reforming, refinery gas processing, petroleum product refining, etc. Steam boilers and heat transfer oil boilers are important equipment often used in the production of light oil refining industry. They are an indispensable source of heat and power in the production process of refineries. They are not only used in petrochemical production processes, but also in heating oil and increasing fluidity. Generally, heat is supplied in the steps of vacuum distillation, vacuum distillation, and coking deep processing of crude oil in refined oil refining. ZOZEN boiler serves many refineries around the world and has many years of experience in the industry. Due to the special characters of the boilers used by chemical companies, the technicians of ZOZEN will customize the technical solutions to meet the pro

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SZS series diesel oil fired steam boiler

SZS series diesel oil fired steam boiler is a double drum, vertical, D-shaped layout structure, with furnace on the right side, convection tube bundle on the left side, and superheater with convection tube bundle area; The movable supports in the middle and both ends of the lower drum are fixed on the chassis of the main body, and the whole boiler is ensured to expand to both ends. The furnace is surrounded by membrane wall, and the membrane wall on the left side of the furnace completely seals off the furnace from the convection tube bundle. The back part of the convection tube bundle area has a sparse staggered structure, and the front part has an in-line structure. The flue gas generated by the combustion of the furnace enters the burnout chamber and the convection tube bundle area from the smoke outlet at the back part of the furnace, then turns from the left front part of the boiler to the spiral fin tube economizer and condenser, and finally enters the flue and enters the chimney to be discharged to the atmosphere.

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DHS series diesel oil fired steam boiler

DHS series diesel oil fired steam boiler is a corner tube oil-fired boiler. The boiler uses a pipeline system as the skeleton of the whole boiler, which bears all the load of the boiler, so it also becomes a frameless boiler. At the same time, this skeleton also serves as the downcomer and upper and lower header of the boiler. The boiler drum is external, the furnace is fully enclosed membrane wall structure, and the convection heating surface adopts flag tube structure. The corner tube boiler has the advantages of compact structure, low steel consumption and rapid temperature rise, so it is widely used. The boiler is of bulk structure.

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