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industry coal steam boiler for chemical plant, the return visit service of ZOZEN, an industrial boiler manufacturer is in progress

07 Mar 2021        page view:  1000
The longitudinal seam automatic welding technology

ZOZEN Boiler is a manufacturer of eco-friendly boiler equipment. Its gas-fired boiler series products have become the common choice of users in various industries such as Shandong Binzhou Xinkeode, Shandong Luhua, Shandong Guangyue Chemical, and provide support for the coal-fired boiler replacement work in Shandong Province.

ZOZEN DHL series coal-fired water tube hot water boiler is popularized and applied in Liaoning Province, and is also an ideal heating equipment for central heating.

The DHX series circulating fluidized bed boiler is developed by ZOZEN Boiler based on the fluid state reconfiguration combustion technology, which represents the development trend of circulating fluidized bed technology. This type of boiler has the technical advantages of coal saving, electricity saving, low bed pressure operation, low wear, high availability and ultra-low pollutant emissions, so it is in line with the national environmental protection policy. Especially, the ultra-low pollutant emission technology is more in line with the national air pollutant emission policy and has strong market competitiveness.

Scaling, abrasion, burning front arch and feeding hopper are common problems of biomass-fired boilers, ZOZEN increased height of furnace, fastening the speed of stoker, input ash blowing unit at convection area, and automatic ash cleaning system at the bottom of stoker, so the above problems are all solved, it reduced much maintaining personnel’s work. Advantages: Make biomass-fired boiler a clean and neat working environment, industry coal steam boiler for chemical plant.

The modern production base of ZOZEN Boiler is located in the charming Jiangsu with the developed manufacturing industry. Thanks to Jiangsu Province’s policy support for the traditional manufacturing industry and abundant natural resources, the production scale of ZOZEN boilers has been continuously expanded. In the production workshops, many advanced automatic production lines such as the serpentine tube production line, membrane wall production line, CNC coil production line, as well as the informationalized production management system, have formed a large-scale, specialized and intelligent boiler production base.

Pakistan is an emerging market in Asia whose overall economy is at the stage of developing and exporting light industry . The textile industry is currently Pakistan’s pillar industry. In addition, in recent years, food processing, engineering, machinery, chemical and other industries have accelerated the pace of development. ZOZEN Boiler, as an international industrial boiler manufacturer, has produced high-quality chain grate boilers, circulating fluidized bed boilers and thermal oil heaters which are widely applied in textile, feed, food, chemical and other industries in Pakistan.

industry coal steam boiler for chemical plant, ZOZEN Boiler has always invested a lot in the research and development of the environmentally friendly industrial boilers with the long-term strategy and firm determination to bravely move forward on the road of green and sustainable development.