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outdoor coal boiler prices

outdoor coal boiler prices

Introduction: Coal-fired boiler refers to the coal burned by fuel. After the heat of coal is converted, it produces steam or becomes hot water, outdoor coal boiler prices. However, not all the heat is effectively converted, and some of the reactive power is consumed, outdoor coal boiler prices, so there is a problem of efficiency. Generally, the efficiency of larger boilers is higher, between 60% and 80%, outdoor coal boiler prices. ZOZEN outdoor coal boiler prices, we recommend you the DZL series and SZL series, you can get more information on the outdoor coal boiler prices from the customer service team.

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Centralized heating is a heating method refers to the construction of a centralized heat source in industrial production areas and areas where urban residents gather and provides heat to enterprises and residents in this area. Common centralized heating modes include co-generation, regional coal-fired boilers, and gas boilers. The working principle of boiler heating is that water enters the boiler, after heating then s sent to the indoor radiator through the circulating water pump and provide heat by radiator. The water is returned to the inside of the boiler for heating, and then flows back into the radiator and circulates like that. The water heating boiler provided by ZOZEN can heat 10,000 square meters with 0.7MW boiler which runs efficiently and saving a lot of fuel costs for users.
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