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Nanning Sanpin Wang Prefers ZOZEN's Dual-Fuel Boilers for Sustainable Green Development

13 Feb 2024

Founded in 1999, the 25-year-old brand Sanpin Wang, aiming to perfect the taste of a bowl of beef noodles, has always considered quality as paramount. Similarly, ZOZEN Boiler, a well-known industrial boiler manufacturer in the industry, has always pursued excellence. Over thirty years of development, it has won recognition and market acclaim. The collaboration development is evidenced by the 3-ton WNS series gas steam boiler and the 4-ton DZL series biomass steam boiler.


Sanpin Wang Favors ZOZEN's Dual-Fuel Boilers

Sanpin Wang Favors ZOZEN's Dual-Fuel Boilers


Truth be told, in Nanning city, perhaps no noodle shop has more outlets than Sanpin Wang. This legendary local delicacy, which every Nanning resident has supposedly tasted, has grown and expanded to over 200 chain stores across Guangxi and Guangdong by 2023, with annual sales exceeding 600 million yuan. The chain serves over 100,000 customers daily; selling 37 million bowls of rice noodles annually, accumulating over 500 million bowls sold. Facing such rapid development, finding a reliable industrial boiler supplier became crucial.


Initially, Sanpin Wang opted for gas steam boilers from another supplier, but soon encountered problems. The boiler's two-pass design was flawed, leading to frequent economizer damage and inability to meet production capacity. To address these issues, Sanpin Wang turned to the industry benchmark, ZOZEN Boiler, eventually choosing a 3-ton condensing two-pass gas steam boiler. After improvements, ZOZEN's WNS series gas steam boiler operated stably with strong output and sufficient steam supply, fully meeting the beef noodle production line's needs and ensuring rice noodle quality and production efficiency.


DZL Series Biomass Steam Boiler Debuts New Packaging

DZL Series Biomass Steam Boiler Debuts New Packaging


With increasing environmental awareness, Sanpin Wang decided to switch to biomass steam boilers. They chose ZOZEN Boiler's 4-ton DZL series biomass steam boiler, using eucalyptus, a common fuel in the Nanning area. Unlike traditional coal-to-boiler conversions, ZOZEN Boiler has developed a series of biomass boilers specifically for wood chips, straw, palm shells, fruit peel fibers, rice husks, and other waste materials. Through extensive testing and simulation, ZOZEN Boiler developed a reasonable furnace arch, wall, and heating surface structure, ensuring the biomass boiler's efficient combustion and evaporation rate. Moreover, the emissions meet the national strict requirements, achieving green production for the enterprise.


In addition to product performance, Sanpin Wang chose ZOZEN Boiler considering its local after-sales team. ZOZEN Boiler has a permanent after-sales team in the Nanning area, guaranteeing a 2-hour arrival on-site and 24-hour standby, providing reliable technical support and maintenance assurance for stable production line operation.


Zozen's Dedicated After-sales Staff

Zozen's Dedicated After-sales Staff


Efforts eventually pay off, turning a bowl of rice noodles into a great business. The cooperation between Nanning Sanpin Wang and ZOZEN Boiler is not only due to their common development philosophy but also ZOZEN Boiler's professional performance in product quality and after-sales service. This partnership will further promote Sanpin Wang's development in the beef noodle industry, offering higher quality products to consumers.

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