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ZOZEN Gas Steam Boilers Propel Xinjiang's Renowned Tomato Industry Forward

07 Nov 2023

With a solid track record of efficient performance and outstanding after-sales service, ZOZEN Boiler has repeatedly earned accolades from the tomato sector in Xinjiang. This year, prominent players such as Xinjiang Dongfanghong Tomato Co., Ltd., Xinjiang Changji Fruit Co., Ltd., and Xinjiang Hongguo Tomato Products Co., Ltd., have all turned to ZOZEN's SZS series gas steam boilers. These boilers have been integral in bolstering the robustness of tomato processing operations.


Xinjiang's tomato harvest season

Xinjiang's tomato harvest season


Xinjiang's Tomato Harvest Season

Notably, Xinjiang is the source of one in every four bottles of ketchup worldwide. The region's climate is exceptionally conducive to cultivating tomatoes that are less juicy and ideal for processing into paste. The ketchup export has become a hallmark of Xinjiang's agricultural exports, establishing it as a major tomato production and processing hub that commands a quarter of the global market.


The Choice of Xinjiang's Tomato Pioneers

Dongfanghong Tomato Co., Ltd., a frontrunner in the industry, has approached boiler selection with meticulous care. After thorough market research and product comparison, these affiliated companies have collectively endorsed ZOZEN's SZS series gas steam boilers. These boilers have demonstrated remarkable performance in the recent harvest season, gaining strong approval from clients and being recognized as vital to scaling up production and increasing output.


ZOZEN's gas steam boiler arrives on site

ZOZEN's gas steam boiler arrives on site


ZOZEN Boilers at the Heart of Xinjiang's Progress

As Xinjiang forges ahead in its rapid development, ZOZEN's boilers are pivotal in energizing various sectors. From food processing to pharmaceuticals and from institutional facilities to district heating projects, these boilers have become the backbone of infrastructural support. ZOZEN has captured the trust of the Xinjiang market through its commitment to excellence and responsive service.


In the rigorous tomato industry, ZOZEN's boilers are essential, performing flawlessly across numerous processes such as washing, disinfecting, heating, and concentrating. Designed to handle the rigors of 24-hour peak loads and instantaneous high demands for gas, ZOZEN's SZS boilers have exceeded standard expectations with their robustness and reliability. They guarantee continuous production and stand the test of the intense biannual tomato harvest seasons.


ZOZEN's SZS series boilers are engineered with spacious furnaces, ensuring complete combustion while offering substantial heating surface and steam storage, resulting in high thermal efficiency and premium steam quality. They are equipped with advanced low-NOx burners and cutting-edge combustion technology, meeting ultra-low emission standards and powering Xinjiang's economic growth with an eye on sustainability.


ZOZEN's professional aftersales team

ZOZEN's professional aftersales team


The ZOZEN Difference: Unmatched After-Sales Support

ZOZEN Boiler's reputation in the tomato industry is further bolstered by its unparalleled after-sales service. Understanding that operational issues are par for the course, ZOZEN's rapid response and adept problem-solving are cornerstones of its customer support, minimizing any potential production disruptions.


In lockstep with the growth of Xinjiang's tomato industry, ZOZEN Boiler remains dedicated to advancing industry standards through its quality products and services, ensuring the tomato industry's prosperity continues to ripen.

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