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A Paper Mill in Bangladesh Partners with ZOZEN Dual-Energy Boilers

14 Nov 2023

ZOZEN Boiler has yet again drawn the attention of international clients! This September, a delegation from a burgeoning paper mill in Bangladesh paid a visit to ZOZEN Boiler. Their agenda included the procurement of three ZOZEN 10-ton WNS series gas boilers and a 15-ton biomass boiler. This strategic move was informed by a thorough dialogue with the ZOZEN sales team, who identified occasional instabilities in the natural gas supply in Bangladesh. Opting for this boiler configuration is a step towards ensuring sustained production stability.


Bangladesh Delegation's Exploration and Selection
The active presence of ZOZEN Boiler in the international arena piqued the interest of this factory, sparking their quest for high-efficiency energy solutions. The delegation and the ZOZEN sales team had fruitful face-to-face discussions at an exhibition in Bangladesh. Impressed by ZOZEN's commitment to environmental sustainability and efficient energy, the delegation resolved to visit ZOZEN in China to see the company’s capabilities for themselves.


ZOZEN Boiler's Quality Journey

ZOZEN Boiler's Quality Journey

Accompanied by the ZOZEN "Quality Journey" after-sales service team, the group visited Shenjiang Energy Co., Ltd. in Dongtai, Jiangsu. They observed the operations of ZOZEN's innovative third-generation biomass boiler, which is designed to avoid ash accumulation. The after-sales team conducted comprehensive inspections and provided expert maintenance advice, ensuring the boilers operate efficiently and reliably.


The delegation was impressed by ZOZEN’s tangible efforts in enhancing product quality and delivering exceptional after-sales service. They noted that the ash-free boiler design was not only adaptable to various fuel types but also boasted high combustion efficiency and reliable performance. The ash-free design, coupled with automated operations like fuel feeding, ash and slag removal, enhances operational efficiency and production quality, meeting their exact needs for an energy solution.


ZOZEN Boiler Production Workshop

ZOZEN Boiler Production Workshop


An In-Depth Look by the Bangladeshi Paper Mill at ZOZEN’s Manufacturing Base
Moreover, the delegation conducted a thorough tour of ZOZEN Boiler’s production workshop. They witnessed the sophisticated processes of digitalized material cutting, automated welding, modular assembly, and stringent quality checks. Observing the manufacturing of high-efficiency components for the WNS series gas steam boilers, such as the threaded smoke tubes and large-capacity corrugated furnaces, and understanding how the low-NOx burners limit emissions to ≤30mg/Nm³, the delegation was thoroughly impressed by the boilers’ high efficiency and eco-friendliness.


ZOZEN's condensing gas-fired steam boiler

ZOZEN's condensing gas-fired steam boiler


Localized Services by ZOZEN Boiler
ZOZEN Boiler has not only earned trust through its products and technology but also through robust localized services in Bangladesh. In addition to its presence in various Chinese provinces, ZOZEN has established service centers in Bangladesh. These centers provide comprehensive support, including localized technical assistance, emergency repairs, and training, ensuring that clients can make the most of ZOZEN’s products.


ZOZEN Boiler is deeply committed to its collaborations with clients, offering customized boiler solutions that promote more environmentally friendly and efficient production. Looking ahead, ZOZEN Boiler and the paper mill in Bangladesh are set to collaborate closely, forging a path towards a sustainable future powered by eco-friendly energy.

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