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ZOZEN Gas Boiler Leads the Way for Green Business Development of Paper Industry

14 Mar 2023

ZOZEN is a leading manufacturer of high-quality boiler equipment, providing reliable and efficient solutions for various industries. Its partnership with businesses and institutions has enabled ZOZEN to become a trusted supplier of boiler systems. In the Coal-to-Gas Conversion Project of Well Mind Paper (Chongqing) Co., Ltd., ZOZEN's gas-fired superheated steam boiler has demonstrated outstanding stability, delivering superior environmental and economic benefits to its user. As a result, the ZOZEN brand has gained tremendous recognition and popularity.


ZOZEN superheated steam boiler in the paper mill

Established in 2009, Well Mind Paper (Chongqing) Co., Ltd. is a high-end producer of household paper products, with an annual production capacity of up to 110,000 tons. The company has implemented advanced sanitation paper machines and automation processes, achieving high levels of product quality, energy efficiency, and production efficiency. Additionally, Well Mind Paper has constructed its own thermal power plant, water plant, and sewage treatment plant, ensuring that pollution is kept to a minimum during the production process.


With the increasing demands for environmental protection, Well Mind Paper has made the decision to retire their polluting coal-fired boilers and install a new set of eco-friendly boiler.


ZOZEN provided Well Mind Paper with a gas-fired boiler that produces superheated steam at a temperature of 240°C, based on the company's existing production system. The boiler is fully assembled, with a serpentine superheater tube bundle arranged in the convective tube bundle area on the left side of the furnace. Steam is reheated here and then sent to the heat-using process as superheated steam. The superheater tube bundle was designed by ZOZEN engineers based on thermal calculations, achieving the target of effectively controlling the superheated temperature and ensuring stable performance. In addition, the size of the boiler steam drum and the setting of the steam-water separator were also calculated to reduce steam carryover and improve the quality of superheated steam.



The installed ZOZEN gas-fired boiler


The configuration of the ZOZEN gas boiler system vividly demonstrates the professional standards of the industry. The inclusion of condensers and energy-saving devices in the boiler system is aimed at minimizing heat loss from flue gas. The use of low-nitrogen combustion technology ensures both combustion efficiency and reduced emissions of harmful substances. Additionally, the implementation of efficient water treatment equipment enhances the safety performance of the system, enabling it to stand out in a highly homogenized market.


ZOZEN, the top player in the industry

Signing a contract is just the starting point for ZOZEN's services. From boiler manufacturing, transportation, to installation guidance and commissioning, ZOZEN project managers participate in every aspect, tracking project progress and overcoming all difficulties to push the project forward. Through multiple collaborations, ZOZEN gas-fired boilers were successfully ignited at the paper mill, marking an important milestone in the partnership between the two companies.



ZOZEN gas-fired boiler ignites successfully


The comprehensive and thoughtful services provided by ZOZEN Boiler have won praise from the leaders of the paper mill. They expressed that working with ZOZEN Boiler was a very pleasant experience, and they were deeply impressed by their professionalism and business level. With the successful operation of the ZOZEN gas boiler, the company has officially entered the path towards green and new development.


Many well-known companies, including Samsung Electronics and BMW Brilliance, share the same sentiment as Well Mind Paper regarding their experience with ZOZEN Boiler. With visible quality and services, ZOZEN Boiler has accumulated a wealth of customer resources and enjoys a good reputation in the market. The renowned reputation has also contributed to the continuous increase in the company's market share. With excellent project services and a positive reputation, ZOZEN Boiler continues to attract more projects, creating a virtuous cycle of growth and success for the brand.



ZOZEN's boiler room on site


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