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ZOZEN Overseas: WNS Gas Boiler Expands European Market and Settles in Hungary

07 Mar 2023

ZOZEN Boiler is an international industrial boiler supplier base in Jiangsu, China. Since expanding overseas market in 2003, the company has established a global sales network, with their products now operating in numerous countries and regions worldwide. Excitingly, the recent commissioning of an ASME standard ZOZEN gas boiler in Hungary signifies a significant milestone in the expansion of ZOZEN's market presence throughout Europe.



ZOZEN Boiler has provided a comprehensive set of gas boiler equipment to Dongwha Electrolyte Company


ZOZEN cooperates with Dongwha Electrolyte Company

Dongwha Electrolyte Company, a subsidiary of Dongwha Corporation, is a specialized manufacturer of electrolytes used in mobile terminals such as smartphones, laptops, and lithium-ion batteries. The company has factories in Korea, China, and Malaysia, with a total annual production capacity of 33,000 tons, and its main customer is Samsung SDI.


To seize the European market and better serve its customers, the company has invested $40 million to build a new factory in Hungary with an annual production capacity of 20,000 tons of electrolyte materials. Industrial boilers are one of the foundational pieces of equipment at the new factory, providing steam for production and ensuring the daily operation of the plant. To this end, Dongwha Electrolyte Company is searching for a reliable boiler brand through its network and is purchasing a gas boiler that meets the ASME standard.


The ASME standard, jointly issued by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers and the American National Standards Institute, is a comprehensive technical specification for boilers and pressure vessels, and serves as a "passport" to enter the international market. In order to strategically position itself in the global market, ZOZEN Boiler obtained ASME "S" (power boiler) and "U" (pressure vessel) certification stamps in 2007, successfully completing hundreds of ASME boiler projects. After learning about the requirements of Dongwha Electrolyte Company, ZOZEN Boiler immediately developed a heating plan for the WNS gas boiler, winning the trust of the customer.



The ZOZEN gas boiler is in operation at Dongwha Electrolyte Company's Hungary factory


ZOZEN's WNS gas boiler takes root in Europe

The ZOZEN WNS series gas-fired boiler is a classic fire-tube boiler with a compact structure and a small footprint. Its large furnace design provides ample steam storage space and heating surface, allowing for the efficient generation of high-quality steam. Additionally, the boiler's heat transfer components use highly efficient heat transfer elements, while its external heating surface employs economizers and condensers that fully convert the temperature of the flue gas, thereby improving energy utilization efficiency.


Empowering production with intelligence. ZOZEN gas boilers are equipped with advanced programmable control systems that greatly simplify operation and reduce complexity to meet user demands. During operation, the control cabinet display shows real-time process parameters such as boiler pressure, steam temperature, and exhaust temperature, achieving full-process control. In case of overpressure, overheating, or water shortage, there is no need to worry as the boiler system comes with interlocking functions that can sensitively detect anomalies and activate warning lights or emergency shutdown.



Effortless operation with ZOZEN's intelligent gas boilers


In April 2022, Dongwha Electrolyte Company's Hungary factory was completed and the ZOZEN gas boiler was put into use. Since then, the boiler has been providing stable steam supply with sufficient output, ensuring production efficiency and quality, and contributing significantly to Dongwha Electrolyte's expansion into the Hungarian market. Dongwha Electrolyte Company extends its gratitude to ZOZEN for the quality of the gas boiler and acknowledges the strength of ZOZEN boilers.

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