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YQ(Y)L series gas-fired/oil-fired thermal oil heater

Thermal oil
  • Thermal capacity

    7000-29000 kW

  • Working pressure

    0.8-1.0 MPa

  • Outlet temperature

    320 °C

  • Available fuel

    Natural gas, coke oven gas, biogas, heavy oil, diesel oil, light oil, etc.

  • Available industries

    Petroleum, chemical, chemical fiber, pharmaceutical, textile printing and dyeing, building materials, wood processing, vegetable oil processing and other industries

YQ(Y)L series gas-fired/oil-fired thermal oil heater
The YQL series oil/gas thermal oil boiler adopts a two-pass round coil structure. The end of the coil tube is tapered, effectively protecting the end furnace wall of the boiler. It is equipped with advanced combustion equipment, and the operation of the boiler is fully automated. The boiler is shipped as a whole and can be put into operation just by connecting the gas (oil) and electricity after it is in place on the site.



  • Radiation Section
  • Triple coil tube structure
  • Inner coil tube allows greater heat absorption and flow, ensuring safe and reliable high-temperature operation
  • Fully Assembled Delivery
  • Quality-checked, Pre-assembled
  • Shipment-ready, Easy Install & Use
  • Convection Section
  • Multiple layers of tightly arranged tube bundles and numerous round steel seals
  • Prevents flue short circuit
  • Manhole & Inspection Door
  • Strategically placed for convenience
  • Facilitates maintenance, inspection, and cleaning
  • Cone Coil Tube
  • End of coil tube designed with cone shape
  • Efficiently protects boiler's end wall and top burner
  • Outlet Header
  • Dual-end flange and flange cover structure
  • Eases boiler room piping installation and arrangement
  • Automatic Control
  • Adjusts combustion, high tank level, outlet temp & flow
  • Enables unattended operation, precision control
  • Advanced Control System

    Precision control of oil temperature and pressure for secure

  • Fully Automatic Safe Operation

    Automatic control allows for easy maintenance and unattended operation

  • Simple Operation

    Packaged delivery with shorter installation cycle

  • Eco-Efficient

    Low-nitrogen burner emissions ≤30mg/Nm³

Model Rated thermal power (KW) Rated thermal power (×104kcal/h) Rated outlet oil temperature (≤℃) Rated working pressure (MPa) Thermal efficiency (%) Maximum transport weight (t) Maximum transport dimensions (m)
YQ(Y)L-7000Q(Y) 7000 600 320 0.8 >92 35.0 3.88×3.60×10.55
YQ(Y)L-8200Q(Y) 8200 700 320 0.8 >92 40.0 4.12×3.75×10.55
YQ(Y)L-9400Q(Y) 9400 800 320 0.8 >92 46.0 4.25×3.90×12.00
YQ(Y)L-10500Q(Y) 10500 900 320 0.8 >92 50.0 4.25×3.90×12.50
YQ(Y)L-12000Q(Y) 12000 1000 320 0.8 >92 55.0 4.25×3.90×12.80
YQ(Y)L-14000Q(Y) 14000 1200 320 0.8 >92 65.0 4.75×4.10×13.40
YQ(Y)L-16500Q(Y) 16500 1400 320 0.8 >92 68.0 4.75×4.10×14.00
YQ(Y)L-19000Q(Y) 19000 1600 320 0.8 >92 79.0 5.00×4.34×14.80
YQ(Y)L-21000Q(Y) 21000 1800 320 0.8 >92 85.0 5.12×4.45×15.80
YQ(Y)L-24000Q(Y) 24000 2000 320 0.8 >92 91.0 5.12×4.45×16.80

* The basic parameter table provided is a reference, but ZOZEN Boiler can tailor the boiler device and system to your specific needs. Note that specifications and descriptions may differ from the actual product, and ZOZEN reserves the right to modify them without notice. For additional specifications, please contact us.

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