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Introduction: Thermal oil heater, also known as organic heat carrier boiler, generally uses biomass, coal, oil and gas as fuel and heat conduction oil as medium. It is a once-through boiler developed based on the design idea of forced circulation. Although the thermal oil heater can obtain higher working temperature under lower operating pressure, it has higher requirements for system safety.

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ZOZEN thermal oil heater in China

As a large-scale thermal oil heater manufacturing enterprise in China, ZOZEN Boiler has adopted automation and digital equipment, and with sufficient semi-finished products and good supplier relationship, the supply cycle has been greatly shortened. Most products can meet the needs of customers for short-term delivery, and some common capacity heat transfer oil boilers are supplied from the spot.

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Oil-fired thermal oil heater China

Horizontal type: 1.2-12 million kcal;

Vertical type: 6-25 million kcal;

Thermal efficiency: 95%


The boiler body is a multi-return disc tube structure, and the end of the coil adopts a necking coil, which effectively protects the furnace wall at the end of the boiler. It is equipped with an advanced combustion device, and the boiler runs fully automatically. All boilers are delivered from the factory as a whole, and after they are in place at the construction site, they can be put into operation only by turning on the gas (oil) electricity. The oil-fired thermal oil heaters from China ZOZEN are available in stock.

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Coal/Biomass thermal oil heater China

Capacity: 1.2 million kcal – 25 million kcal

Thermal efficiency: 85%


The thermal oil heater with coal and biomass fuel in ZOZEN is a square coil horizontal chain grate assembled boiler, and the chain grate and the boiler body are separated from the factory. The boiler adopts chain grate to realize mechanical feeding, equipped with drum and induced draft fan for mechanical ventilation, and equipped with slag extractor to realize mechanical slag discharging. Common tonnage heat transfer oil boilers are available from stock.

Boiler for the textile industry
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Textile refers to a multi-scale structural processing technique of a fiber or fiber assembly, it includes many steam consuming sections including dyeing, drying, slashing, printing, pressing etc.., all of which needs steam from boilers. With the increase in the demand for textiles, the steam consumption of textile factories is also increasing. Whether building a new textile factory or rebuilding and expanding a textile factory are faced with the problem of boiler selection. Except for steam demanding, textile plants also need higher temperature heat source for printing, dyeing and hot-pressing sections, where thermal oil heaters will be used to heat the thermal oil to above 300°C high temperature, after the thermal oil are used for heat consuming machines, it will come back to boiler for circulating using. So, steam boiler and thermal oil heater combination is commonly used in textile plants, ZOZEN already provided completed solutions for over 50 customers.

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The price of high-quality thermal oil heater in China

The price of China high-quality thermal oil heater is affected by many factors. Generally, only by determining the following points can we obtain an accurate quotation and a solution suitable for the process:

1. Technical parameters such as tonnage, pressure, temperature and thermal efficiency.

2. The configuration and brand of thermal oil heater system, and the quality of auxiliary equipment also affect the price of China thermal oil heater boiler, which needs to be configured according to users' own requirements.

3. Manufacturing process of thermal oil heater. Process determines the quality of boiler body and whether it can be used safely.

4. The area where the thermal oil heater is used is high above sea level, and the high-altitude area is prone to insufficient output, which requires higher technology.

5. Factory structure of thermal oil heater. Oil-fired and gas-fired thermal oil heater is self-assembled, with convenient installation and short cycle. Coal-fired and biomass-fired thermal oil heater is shipped in bulk or assembled.

6. Freight and on-site installation cost.

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Advantage of China ZOZEN thermal oil heater

1. Energy saving and environmental protection. ZOZEN Boiler has made in-depth research on low-nitrogen combustion technology. The gas-fired thermal oil heater in China ZOZEN can adopt low-nitrogen burner, and the emission of nitrogen oxides does not exceed 30mg/Nm³, meeting the emission standards of boilers in key areas at present.

2. Around the body and the front and rear (or upper and lower) door covers, our company designs fire-resistant insulation structures with different thicknesses according to different temperature areas, so that the external temperature is better than GB standard requirements.

3. The supporting equipment at the rear of the furnace body includes waste heat boiler, economizer, air preheater, steam generator, heat-conducting oil and flue gas integrated waste heat boiler, etc. Customers can choose appropriate supporting equipment according to their own process characteristics.

4. Greatly reduce the oil boiling time on site, with high heat transfer efficiency and stable output.

5. Fully automatic operation is achieved, and the actual utilization rate of heat energy is maximized.

6. Safety accessories are complete. All necessary safety devices such as temperature measurement, pressure measurement, nitrogen filling, etc. are designed and installed on the furnace body and oil inlet and outlet pipelines, and special procedures for boiling oil are designed in the control program to ensure safe use.

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