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10 tph SZW biomass-fired steam boiler for pharmaceutical factory

Biomass-fired boilers cases
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  • Capacity

    10 tph

  • Location

    Jiaohe, Jilin

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10 tph SZW biomass-fired steam boiler for pharmaceutical factory
Case introduction

The state advocates energy-saving and emission-reduction policies and puts forward higher requirements for some equipment and production conditions. How to reduce energy consumption as much as possible on the premise of satisfying production requirements has become a headache for many pharmaceutical companies. Changbaishan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a modern high-tech pharmaceutical company that integrates scientific research, production, and marketing. The products are based on Chinese patent medicine. In fact, whether Western medicine or traditional Chinese medicine production requires a large amount of industrial steam to sterilize raw materials, device and equipment at high temperature. Changbaishan Pharmaceutical Company plans to add 10 tph biomass-fired steam boiler from ZOZEN boiler Co., Ltd. because of its business expansion needs. SZW series boilers are designed by ZOZEN according to the needs of the pharmaceutical industry for boilers. They takes advantage of the dregs generated during the combustion and reasonable allocation of the air, ensuring that the dregs burn out as a fuel, improving the fuel's combustion efficiency, and reducing the company's costs. 

Customer feedback—— Changbaishan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Our Changbaishan Pharmaceutical has high requirements for the steam system, and its proportion of energy consumption in enterprise is also relatively large. After installing this boiler with high combustion efficiency, the fuel consumption cost can be reduced by several million yuan per year, and the energy saving effect is very significant.

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