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10 ton steam boiler price near shanghai

10 ton steam boiler price near shanghai

Introduction: 10 ton steam boiler price near shanghai, is a shell-type full-wet back-downstream three-return-stroke pyrotechnic tube structure. The flame burns in a large combustion chamber with slight positive pressure, fully extending, low combustion heat load, high combustion heat efficiency, effectively reducing the smoke exhaust temperature, saving energy and consumption, and being more economical to use, 10 ton steam boiler price near shanghai. The corrugated furnace liner and threaded smoke tube structure are adopted, 10 ton steam boiler price near shanghai. Shanghai is located in East China, on the west coast of the Pacific Ocean, on the east edge of the Asian continent and on the front edge of the Yangtze River Delta. East China Sea, South Hangzhou Bay, West Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces, North Yangtze River estuary.

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The main processes of the paper industry are: pulping, pressing, drying, calendering, winding, rewinding, warehousing, etc. The pulping methods mainly include mechanical pulping, chemical pulping, semi-chemical pulping and bio-pulping. In the paper production, the heating and dissolving, machine shaping, Black slurry concentration and Squeeze drying of the chemicals in the pulping process all require heat sources, so the boiler is the main driving force for the production of the paper mill. The boiler uses coal or other fuels to generate high-temperature heat sources through conversion energy, and we transport the heat sources to various workshops for steaming and drying purposes. Because the production process consumes more energy in the production process of the paper mill, the energy cost can account for 10%-14% of the production cost. Therefore, energy conservation and consumption reduction has become one of the main ways for papermaking enterprises to increase production and save
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