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vertical boiler design

Introduction: vertical boiler design, the vertical boiler can be divided into several circulation loops, each of which consists of a downcomer and a riser. Feed water enters the boiler drum through the economizer, and from the boiler drum, vertical boiler design, it is introduced into each lower header of the flue through the downcomer, and then enters each heating surface. The steam generated by the heating surface enters the header and then enters the boiler drum, vertical boiler design.

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Commonly used preparations in the pharmaceutical industry include tablets, pills, powders, injections, tinctures, solutions, extracts, ointments, etc. The main processes include disinfection, rough washing, fine washing, drying, cooling, preparation, granulation, tableting and coating etc. The process requires high-temperature sterilization to raw materials, equipment by a large amount of industrial pure steam, and heat is supplied for drying, cooling and tableting granulation processes. According to the experience from working with many pharmaceutical preparation manufacturers, Pharmaceutical plants has different using of boilers, and the running time varies. Some equipment operates 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. Some devices need to run at regular intervals. The requirements for the steam system are very high. ZOZEN can customize the complete boiler system for the manufacturing industry to meet the different needs of users.
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