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75 tph steam boiler for food industry in Indonesia

Coal-fired boilers cases
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  • Capacity

    75 tph

  • Location

    Banten, Indonesia

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75 tph steam boiler for food industry in Indonesia
Case introduction

PT Angels Products has been actively engaged in the crystallized sugar refining industry since 2003. Now, PT Angels Products is one of the biggest companies in the field of crystal sugar refinery industrial in the province of Banten. In crystallized sugar refining, decolorization, evaporation, crystallization and drying are important processes, which need to consume a large number of steam. Moreover, food industry has high requirements for sanitation, a lot of steam needs to be used for disinfection and sterilization. Providing high quality and hygienic products is this company's core value. Therefore, they have strict requirements of the steam quantity and quality. After visiting and comparing, PT Angels Products chose ZOZEN DHL series coal-fired steam boilers, which are designed with stable combustion, sufficient output and high-quality steam. But field-assembled boilers have high requirements for on-site installation. Then, ZOZEN cooperated with local agent and succeeded in completing the installation of the boiler, which can meet the company's demand.

Customer feedback—— PT Angels Products

Steam is necessary during our production of crystal sugar refining. In order to meet the demand of our customers, our company has high requirements of quality. ZOZEN perfectly meets our need. The boiler can provide enough steam of high quality, which helps us to reduce the costs. They also spare no effort to help us complete the installation and the maintenance.

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