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Introduction: ZOZEN Boiler has created high-quality wood fired heating boilers with ingenuity for 30 years. ZOZEN integrates the world's advanced equipment, builds ZOZEN’s core technology, ensures boiler safety from the source with double checks of manufacturing and inspection, unique structural design and more competitive product advantages. The structure of ZOZEN granular biomass boiler is divided into: steam and hot water boiler with double drum vertical chain furnace drainage pipe, horizontal three-pass water-fire tube chain grate boiler, double drum horizontal natural circulation water tube boiler, biomass angle tube chain grate hot water boiler, etc. The boiler is highly mechanized, and the fuel supply, ash discharge and slag discharge operations are all automated, which helps many enterprises to effectively save the operation and maintenance costs.

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What is wood fired heating boiler

The boiler using biomass as fuel is a wood fired boiler. Biomass fuel is a new type of clean fuel which is directly burned in biomass boiler. It uses wood chips, wood panels as raw materials, and through the technological processes of crushing, drying, mixing, extrusion, etc., it is made into shaped granular fuel with certain density and calorific value requirements. Biomass energy is an important renewable energy, which is green, low-carbon, clean and renewable.


Relying on scientific and technological innovation, ZOZEN Boiler developed a new generation of wood fired heating boiler, which took the lead in solving the common problems of traditional wood fired boilers, such as furnace arch collapse, furnace door burn out, hopper fire and blocking device coking.

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Advantages of wood fired heating boilers

Biomass hot water boiler is a green, low-carbon, clean and economical renewable heating mode, which is suitable for small and medium-sized industrial parks and urban heating. There are many advantages of biomass boilers:

1. Advantages of fuel: Biomass fuel is a green, environmentally friendly and renewable energy source, which is easy to obtain and simple in processing technology. The key is inexhaustible and low in pollutant emissions. Using wood fuel is an important measure to turn waste into treasure.

2. Boiler thermal efficiency. The thermal efficiency of biomass boiler is similar to that of coal-fired boiler, but it is optional in terms of pollutant emission and renewable resources.

3. The operating cost is low, and the operating cost of wood fired heating boiler is lower than that of current boiler products.

4. The degree of automation is high. With the digital integrated controller, the user can control the combustion condition according to the set program. The operation is very convenient, and automatic ignition, automatic ash cleaning and automatic feeding can be realized.

5. Ash utilization: the ash after biomass combustion can be recycled and used as potash fertilizer.

6. Clean heating of biomass boilers has also been supported by relevant policies, and subsidies have been given for renovation.

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Wood boiler has good environmental protection performance

Biomass is considered as a kind of clean energy, and the process of burning fossil fuels will release the carbon stored in its millions of years ago into the environment, causing environmental pollution. The conversion process of biomass energy is that carbon dioxide and water are synthesized into biomass through photosynthesis of green plants, and the use process of biomass energy generates carbon dioxide and water, which forms the cyclic emission process of carbon dioxide, which can effectively reduce the net emission of human carbon dioxide and reduce the greenhouse effect. Biomass boiler treats "waste" with "waste", which has become a new direction of zero carbon emission, environmental protection and energy saving.


Boiler for the textile industry
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Textile refers to a multi-scale structural processing technique of a fiber or fiber assembly, it includes many steam consuming sections including dyeing, drying, slashing, printing, pressing etc.., all of which needs steam from boilers. With the increase in the demand for textiles, the steam consumption of textile factories is also increasing. Whether building a new textile factory or rebuilding and expanding a textile factory are faced with the problem of boiler selection. Except for steam demanding, textile plants also need higher temperature heat source for printing, dyeing and hot-pressing sections, where thermal oil heaters will be used to heat the thermal oil to above 300°C high temperature, after the thermal oil are used for heat consuming machines, it will come back to boiler for circulating using. So, steam boiler and thermal oil heater combination is commonly used in textile plants, ZOZEN already provided completed solutions for over 50 customers.

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Wood fired heating boiler selection

1. Fuel characteristics

The calorific value, moisture and volatile matter of biomass fuel are different, so the corresponding boiler structure, air distribution and auxiliary equipment configuration are different.

2. Use heat

It is especially important for users to know the actual heat consumption, temperature and load first, so as to determine the working medium, capacity, parameters and automatic regulation of the boiler.

3. Thermal efficiency and emissions

It is measured by a series of technical and economic indexes, such as thermal efficiency, combustion efficiency, fuel consumption, exhaust gas temperature and external surface temperature of the boiler.

4. Supporting equipment

The monitoring device, safety protection, electrical interlock and other instruments and devices of the boiler system should be advanced, so as to ensure the safe and economical operation of the boiler after it is put into operation.


It is worth noting that although biomass boilers have many advantages, they are forbidden to be used in some places. Mainly restricted by the following three aspects:

Fuel restriction: It is forbidden to use fuels containing synthetic compounds, such as waste wood furniture, waste paper, production and domestic garbage, etc.;

Restriction of supporting facilities: It is strictly forbidden to use bag filters for special boilers without biomass;

Prohibited area restrictions: non-burning areas, ecological red line areas, central towns and other environmentally sensitive areas.

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