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Uzbekistan Heat Supply Project with ZOZEN's Gas-Fired Hot Water Boilers

Gas-fired boilers cases
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    Hot water

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    30 MW, 50 MW

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Uzbekistan Heat Supply Project with ZOZEN's Gas-Fired Hot Water Boilers
Case introduction

Project Background:
In the face of Uzbekistan's rapid urbanization and economic expansion, the demand for municipal heating is skyrocketing. China IPPR International Engineering Co., Ltd., rose to the challenge by successfully securing a major heating project in the country. To guarantee the project's successful rollout and the heating system's efficient operation, China IPPR chose to partner with ZOZEN Boiler, known for its specialized expertise and technical prowess, for the supply of cutting-edge heating boilers.

ZOZEN Boiler's Solution:
With a wealth of experience and technical know-how in the heating industry, ZOZEN Boiler suggested deploying two SZS30-1.6-120/70-YQ and one SZS50-1.6-120/70-YQ oil and gas hot water boiler systems to meet China IPPR's needs. The key technical advantages of these SZS series oil and gas hot water boilers include:

Insulation with Aluminum Silicate Fiber and Refractory Clay:
To minimize heat loss, ZOZEN Boilers fitted the boiler bodies with aluminum silicate fiber and refractory clay for insulation. These materials are excellent thermal insulators and remain stable even at high operating temperatures, thereby ensuring the boilers' safety and reliability.

Full-Membrane Wall Design:
This innovative design promotes a more even distribution of heat, reducing the risk of localized overheating. Moreover, the full-membrane wall structure boosts insulation, leading to a further uptick in heat conversion efficiency.

Combustion Chamber with Narrow-Spaced Tubular Membrane Water-Cooled Walls:
This particular design enhances the air-tightness of the boilers and ensures that the fuel undergoes complete combustion within the combustion chamber. The narrow-spaced tubular membrane water-cooled walls limit heat loss while distributing heat more uniformly, which is critical for achieving stable heating performance.

These state-of-the-art features enable ZOZEN's hot water boilers to excel in terms of heat conversion, stability, and durability. They not only fulfill the requirements of the project in Uzbekistan but also serve as a testament to why ZOZEN Boilers is often the go-to choice for many other heating projects.

Customer feedback—— China IPPR International Engineering Co., Ltd.

In day-to-day operations, these boilers have not only satisfied our heating requirements but also proven to be stable and easy to maintain, effectively reducing our operating costs. Choosing ZOZEN Boilers was a wise decision on our part. They've not only delivered high-quality products but have also demonstrated a strong commitment to teamwork and technical support throughout the project's implementation.

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