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Heat Supply Project with 10.5MW Gas-Fired Hot Water Boilers from ZOZEN

Gas-fired boilers cases
  • Type

    Hot water

  • Capacity

    10.5 MW

  • Location

    Hebei, China

  • Model


Heat Supply Project with 10.5MW Gas-Fired Hot Water Boilers from ZOZEN
Case introduction

The project of the Aviation Enterprise Service Island in the Airport Economic Zone near Beijing Daxing Airport, Langfang City, Hebei Province, has a total investment of 31.25 million yuan. The project involves the construction of two sets of new 10.5 MW gas boilers, which are used for heating supply during the heating season. The heating boilers used in this project are ZOZEN WNS series gas hot water boilers.


Northern regions of China experience cold winters, especially during the heating season, when temperatures are low. Continuous and stable heating is required to ensure the normal operation of the Aviation Enterprise Service Island.


Features of ZOZEN's two sets of 10.5 MW hot water boilers:


Energy Conversion Efficiency: ZOZEN's 10.5 MW hot water boilers employ advanced combustion technology and heat exchange systems, optimizing the use of energy and achieving effective energy management.


Operational Stability: The design takes into consideration the harsh winter environment in the northern regions, ensuring that the boilers can operate stably under various climatic conditions and meet the heating demand of the Aviation Enterprise Service Island during winter.


Environmental Considerations: The boilers meet current environmental protection standards during both manufacturing and operation, effectively controlling pollutant emissions.


Operational Economy: After considering factors such as operation, maintenance, and equipment lifespan, the total cost of these boilers stands out among many options.


Technical and Service Support: To ensure the smooth progress of the project, ZOZEN provides customers with a series of technical consultations and service support, helping the project to operate efficiently at all stages.

Customer feedback—— ENN Group

In actual operation, the performance of the ZOZEN’s boilers is consistent with its technical parameters, and both its stability and efficiency meet the project requirements. It is worth mentioning that the after-sales service team of ZOZEN is quick to respond to any technical inquiries, providing us with great convenience. Overall, we hold a positive evaluation of both the performance of ZOZEN Boiler and its after-sales service.

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